Innovative, Fast, Sustainable

Innovative, Fast, Sustainable

24 June, 2016
HOME - Eat to LIve
A new choice for health-conscious fast food lovers

HOME – Eat to Live opened last month on the ground floor of the Nexxus Building in Central. The restaurant is an innovative, fast, sustainable, energy-generating vegetarian restaurant founded and operated by Christian CGM, who also co-founded one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants – Mana!.
HOME – Eat to Live’s goal is to awaken people’s senses to pure, wholesome eating, inspiring them to connect with each other and refresh their sense of belonging in an increasingly disconnected world. The restaurant is committed to supporting a sustainable, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, lowering customers’ carbon footprint and preserving the earth’s fresh water supply through an animal-free menu, mindfully sourced ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and practices.
The holistic concept of the restaurant is committed to enhancing their customers’ overall performance and well-being through the purest, highest quality plant-based cuisine and products in a relaxed atmosphere of friendliness, equality-consciousness and community.
The restaurant strives to use only organic produce whenever possible; ingredients are sourced locally from a network of farms, and the food is made fresh daily. Vegetables in their dishes are specifically grown for their dishes in their rooftop garden and their partner farm in Shek Wu Wai, which uses the restaurant’s food waste as compost. Also, they only use biodegradable FSC-certified paper and corn-based plastic in the packaging for their take-out containers, cups, cutlery, etc., making them a great choice for sustainable living!
HOME – Eat to Live provides breakfast, lunch and dinner selections of ‘bread’ or ‘bowl’ cuisine, including homemade, oven-fired flat breads topped to customers’ liking, open toasts, burgers, salad and earth bowls.
The restaurant caters to the more health-conscious individual by offering vegan, gluten free and raw options, including healthy desserts. The entire menu is free of meat or fish, preservatives, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, trans-fats, soy isolates and bleached flour. The Polar Bear burger, a delicious beetroot, mushroom and oat patty topped with roasted bell peppers, smoked eggplant caviar and classic aioli is a crowd favourite, whilst the Silky Sifaka earth bowl, noodles with an anise and clove broth plus seasoned garden greens, lime, avocado, bean sprouts, onion, cilantro, Thai basil and jalapeño is a fragrant alternative to Vietnamese pho. The wide range of choice at HOME – Eat to Live is definitely a plus!
For beverages, the bar serves healthy juice mixers designed for those who don’t wish to compromise on taste or nutrition. Healthy alcoholic cocktails are also served in the evening such as the popular Jade, a vibrant blend of kale, spinach, green bell pepper, green apple, parsley, super charged and tequila.
The restaurant aims to foster a vibrant community of health-minded individuals who feel free to unleash, and express, their joyful life force over delicious food in a relaxed, warm and contemporary environment. Head over to HOME – Eat to Live to have a true HOME in the city where Hong Kong people can feel loved, supported and cared for! Try out HOME – Eat to Live if you haven’t yet!

By: Ecozine Staff


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