12 February, 2013
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"buy a jacket, save an eye," offers unique web retailer

We love learning about companies and organizations that, in addition to providing great products and services, are also about giving back to the community. IWISHUSUN is one of these companies. IWISHUSUN is an online retailer that sells products directly from the factory. What this means is that the middlemen are cut out, and more money can be saved in the supply chain, which is then reinvested into the product and goes towards helping those in need. For every product sold, IWISHUSUN finances one adult cataract operation in Bangladesh, costing about US$40 each, performed by the best doctors through ORBIS.

ORBIS is an internationally renowned non-profit organization that aims to reduce preventable blindness, and is active in the poorest countries of the world. By partnering with ORBIS on a specific product in Bangladesh, IWISHUSUN can guarantee that the money flows directly into this product and enables them to document which people have received an eye surgery.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 39 million blind people worldwide, 80% of which suffer from preventable blindness. IWISHUSUN felt the need to contribute to changing this situation and help limit avoidable blindness. Patrick Andrist and Cathy Boom, the siblings behind IWISHUSUN, come from a background in publishing and fashion – two professions and rely heavily on visuals and image making, and what instantly drew them to this cause.

IWISHUSUN works by launching a regular number of new high quality products, but at irregular intervals that are available for online for a limited time. Supporters therefore get a high quality product for a fair price, and additionally help to give back to a good cause at the same time.

For more information, please visit: www.iwishusun.net

Image via: www.iwishusun.net

By: Ecozine Staff


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