Jolie's jewels

Jolie's jewels

20 August, 2011
Actress designs jewellery
Angelina Jolie's creations to benefit kids

Angelina Jolie recently formed a collaboration with renowned jewellery designer Robert Procop, former CEO of the British luxury line Asbrey, to design and manufacture a high-end jewellery collection called “Style of Jolie”. Launched at Julien’s Gallery in Beverly Hills, each piece features semiprecious and precious stones cut in generous, sparkling shapes reminiscent of ancient tablets and royal jewels. The collection also includes a vintage diamond choker worn by Jolie in her film, “The Tourist.”
“Style of Jolie” was created with a higher purpose in mind: to raise funds for children in need. Proceeds from the collection will go directly to helping children who have been without education in poverty and conflict-torn countries, through charity partner Education Partnership for Children in Conflict. The first funds from the collaboration will be used to build a school in Afghanistan.
Procorp described Jolie to press as a true artist and said of the actress, “from one endeavour, her creative vision draws two equally impressive outcomes: to transform the finest gems into transcendent works of art, and ultimately, to improve the lives of many who are in need.”
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