Just 'Jourive'

Just 'Jourive'

26 October, 2016
Electric Car Rental Launched
Hong Kong’s First Paperless Electric Vehicle Rental Service

Since September, Hong Kongers can now conveniently rent electric cars thanks to Jourive, a new company committed to providing a top-of-the-line rental service, both for the driver and for the planet. The name itself is a combination of two central aspects of renting a car – namely the journey and the drive – which have both been reimagined to meet the demands of HK’s modern and forward-thinking drivers. The journey begins in a few simple steps via smartphone and is defined by the ease of pick-up and car delivery, while the drive itself combines the comfort, simplicity and slick allure of cruising in a brand-new Tesla S-Model. Jourive’s unique service therefore allows you to enjoy the ride without having to focus on the practical grievances of owning a car in Hong Kong, all the while avoiding the logistical annoyances typically associated with renting a car for a short period.

Founder Jimmy Leung began to conceive of the company after owning a Tesla himself for a while. Very quickly, he became convinced that electric cars represented the future of driving and swiftly began planning his next big move as an entrepreneur. He recognized that especially for today’s younger generation, owning a vehicle is both problematic as well as expensive, when one combines insurance costs with maintenance and parking fees, and adds the price of fueling up. Moreover, HK boasts an exceptional public transit system. But what about when you want to get out of the city? The MTR is great so long as you’re staying within urban centres, but won’t take you to secluded parts of HK such as the Country Parks or the beautiful hidden beaches on the New Territories. Be it a romantic getaway eating seafood in Lau Fau Shan, or a family weekend visit to the Big Buddha, there are often times when having a car for a brief period can be extremely desirable.

Now, with Jimmy’s concept a fully-fledged and environmentally-conscious solution is at your fingertips. Convenience is one of the defining traits of Jourive, distinguishing it from other rental services available in Hong Kong. Indeed, once registered it will only take you 35 seconds to book a car. Easy pick-up and drop-off locations are convened, and if you're a first-time ‘jouriver’ a member of their staff will come meet you to explain the service as well as the new features of the Tesla. Everything is smart-phone compatible, between the booking process, the entertainment integration with the vehicle itself, as well as the protected payment options which include PayPal – you can even unlock your car from your phone! Of course, there are still some technical difficulties with the business-side of things, including the lack of super-charging ports around HK for the time-being. However, Jimmy is convinced that will change in the near future and indeed Teslas can be spotted more frequently than ever on Hong Kong streets. Besides, that won’t affect ‘jourivers’, as the car comes fully fuelled (enabling a total ride distance of about 400km) and doesn’t need to be charged before being returned.

Beyond convenience, as Hong Kong’s only electric-vehicle rental service, Jourive is part of the next generation of businesses committed to doing their part for the environment. Indeed, this aspect of the company was imperative for Jimmy who is passionate about marine life and ocean conservancy, and an avid scuba-diver when he’s not too busy with business! He believes this is a service that HK was missing, calling it a win-win situation because “we get to save the environment while allowing drivers to ‘jourive’ cars whenever they wish, creating a simple, convenient platform for all to use.” Next time you’re craving to get a break from the city, why not hit the road in style and ‘jourive’ into the sunset?

For more information on Jourive, please click here and stay updated with them on Facebook and Instagram: @Jourive

By: Paul Grelon


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