Let’s keep Hong Kong Clean

Let’s keep Hong Kong Clean

7 April, 2017
Join the world’s biggest citizen cleanup!
Three ways to participate in the Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge

The 17th Annual Great Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge is ON NOW through 1 December.

Anyone can participate, whether you have five minutes, one hour, or a whole day.

More than 8,000,000 tonnes of plastic is currently entering the oceans, every year.

It is predicted by scientists that by 2050, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Why not do something about it, and have fun while you’re at it!

The 17th Annual Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge is ON NOW through 1 December 2017- and there's never been a better time to get involved!

Since 2000, Hong Kong Cleanup has mobilised almost half a million people in more than 25,000 groups to collect over 100,000,000 tonnes of trash.

In many cases, these community clean-ups have been just the start - inspiring people to make real and lasting changes in their neighbourhoods and to come together to work on other initiatives to improve their local environment.

But this is just the beginning. We want everyone to show they 'Love Where They Live' by getting out on to Hong Kong's coasts, trails, streets and public spaces.

This year, we are calling on ALL Hong Kong individuals, family's, volunteer groups, local councils, businesses and schools to do their bit. We are focused on the ambitious goal of cleaning up Hong Kong from waste in one massive effort.

If we succeed, we'll engage 5% of Hong Kong's population. This isn't just a number we've pulled out of a hat. This number represents the estimated amount of people necessary to create lasting change and go beyond just one day of incredible activism.

Do you think you'd like to be the person that helps unites your entire country for a massive cleanup action?

The year-long Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge brings together the ocean community, and stakeholders (business, government, academia, international organizations and NGOs) for a practical, and solutions based environmental event.

The programme has been developed in close consultation with our charity partner, Ocean Conservancy. The global event, for which we are the official Hong Kong coordinator, is being recognized as the world's most expansive global environmental volunteer undertaking, with around a million participants each year.

Data collected from Hong Kong Cleanup is used to compile the Global Trash Index, and Trash Free Seas Alliance – providing an international snapshot of what's trashing our ocean so work can be done to prevent specific items from reaching the water.

There are THREE ways to participate:


Aligning with The Hong Kong Cleanup provides a way to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. Furthermore, the company brand would benefit from a partnership in many ways, some of which include:
• Creating positive alliance with a highly visible and worthy cause
• Positions company as an employer of choice in Hong Kong
Extensive marketing across all Hong Kong Cleanup outreach efforts for the entire year
• Increasing "brand loyalty" from Hong Kong Cleanup volunteers who appreciate your support
• Engaging your employees in a fun, inclusive, and family-friendly event that helps "build morale and pride"
"Managed Cleanups are included!"
• …and many more!


If you have not experienced a cleanup before or would like to get more out of it for your staff or group, our team organises and manages tailored, bespoke Cleanup Events on request. Management fees are based on group size among other factors.

Under this participation option our team will:
• Complete all paperwork for enrollment in The Challenge
• Advise on coastal/country/city options and coordinate your trip
• Provide you with support for inviting and engaging participants
• Assign experienced staff to manage your group
• Plan and lead event-day education briefing and cleanup exercises, including competitions and optional icebreakers
• Provide all cleanup and data materials
• Present an onsite Award Ceremony for participants, with prizes included
• Support data collection and submission on your behalf
• Your company will be included in the annual report


Get a team together, pick a date and location, and REGISTER!
• Team registration and participation in the 2017 Cleanup Challenge
• Opportunity to win gold, silver or bronze awards in the Challenge and be recognized at the 2017 Awards Ceremony
• Team Captain invitation to the 2017 Awards Ceremony event
• Guides, Tips and Data Materials for your cleanup
• Attendance at a monthly 'how-to' cleanup seminar
• Limited edition Hong Kong Cleanup t-shirt from Tsunami Sportswear
• A Hong Kong Cleanup reusable water bottle for your use
• “10 Ways To Reduce Marine Litter” infographic poster
• Charity discount on custom team t-shirts and other partner merchandise
• Access to campaign materials to promote your efforts
• Team name acknowledged in the official 2017 Hong Kong Cleanup Report and website
• …and more!


E-mail us; we’re happy to help!

Please like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
to stay in the loop on cleanup happenings and updates!

Thank you for all that you do for our oceans,

Lisa Christensen, and The Hong Kong Cleanup Team

PS - Remember to REGISTER SOON, as cleanup sites are first-come, first-served!

By: Ecozine Staff


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