Liina Klauss

Liina Klauss

7 November, 2013
Eco art
German artist living in HK inspires through art

Have you seen the colourful HK Cleanup posters around Hong Kong?  From afar, the art on the poster looks like a beautiful rainbow kaleidoscope made of coloured seashells... but upon closer inspection, many are surprised to discover that it is actually a photograph of an art installation made from trash - especially plastic trash. The piece was created by talented local artist Liina Klauss, with the help of local students. They collected the plastic bits of plastic waste on a beach on Lantau Island, and laid them out in the sand to form the colourful and thought-proviking mandala-like piece on site. Together with her 50 volunteers, it took Liina six hours to collect 85 rubbish bags full of trash to complete the installation. The Hong Kong Cleanup uses photos of it to raise awareness of the vast and unavoidable reality of the disposable plastic waste that fills our ocean.
Liina specializes in environmental art.  Inspired from everything from trash on the beach to children’s drawings, textured surfaces to newspapers, she keenly observes her surroundings to create beautiful and thoughtful paintings, drawings and installations.
With the dual goals of raising awareness of the human impact on the environment and telling a story of each and every one of us and a collective of the times we live in, Liina paints a beautiful yet sad portrait of our society as a whole and an unfiltered commentary of our behaviour.  Liina thinks that the best and most direct way to experience the problems of our excessive consumerist society is when you physically see and touch the leftovers of our consumerist society.  Hopefully, this is the moment when we start thinking about our habits, lifestyles and relationships to nature.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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