Lip love

Lip love

23 December, 2013
Treat your pout
Five of our favourite all-natural lip balms

A vast majority of commercially produced lip balms contain petroleum (yes, the same stuff fuel is made of) and other chemicals. Besides coming from sources that are not exactly earth-friendly, petroleum is non-emollient, which means it just sits on the surface of the lips and needs frequent re-application. It can actually dry out your lips if used too frequently, especially in this dry winter weather.  But there’s good news! Listed below are five salves that not only promise to smooth and moisten your chapped lips, but are full of fabulous all-natural and organic ingredients that you can feel good about applying to your skin.
1. Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Balm
This light organic cream contains, among other things, rosehip seed and ylang ylang, which impart a light natural fragrance to it that. The cream formula leaves no shine but soaks right in, making it perfect for lads as well.
2. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Lip Balm
This rich rose-scented balm gives a slight shine to lips and contains heaps of healing, soothing oils as well as beeswax to lock in the moisture, leaving lips lusciously kissable.
3. Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
A peppermint flavour characterizes this all-natural balm and gives it a delicious tingle on the lips. Smooth application and moisture-sealing ingredients round out the package. And speaking of package - the tube is 50% recycled!
4. The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector
This balm has a clean herbal fragrance and glides on from a tube. Our testers liked that it lasted all day and wasn’t sticky or waxy. A low shine factor and all-natural ingredients make this an excellent and affordable balm for boys and girls alike.
5. Lush Whipstick
Packaged in a cute 100% recycled aluminium tin, this shea butter balm is pure lip heaven. We love the creamy texture and chocolate-orange scent, derived from real chocolate and vanilla absolute and citrus oils.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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