Lohas Expo 2015

Lohas Expo 2015

9 February, 2015
Wrapped Up
Filling the gap in the organic, natural, vegan, raw food market

The Lohas Expo 2015 wrapped up a successful three-day market that exhibited organic, natural, raw and vegan food and snacks from all over the world. With over 10,000 visitors, buyers, and traders from the Asia-Pacific region, the Expo was able to draw lots of good attention and positive feedback from everybody who attended.
Society's growing awareness of health food and snacks has made expo shows such as Lohas Expo very beneficial to the public. Lohas Expo provided access to raw vegan snacks and foods all over the world. They also housed a special World of Kimchi presentation which included several stalls of aromatic, flavorful, fully preserved kimchi.
Ecozine was a proud media partner, and we were glad to have given out our magazines to a lot of happy readers.

By: Ecozine Staff


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