LookMatters by JupYeah

LookMatters by JupYeah

10 August, 2017
Festival meets clothes swap
Mobile closet at music festival advocates reusing

Calling all music festival enthusiasts! This weekend on August 11–13, JupYeah will be hosting LookMatters mobile closet at music festival The WEEKEND 2017, presented by wow and flutter. Joining your passion for music and commitment to sustainability, you will be able to share, exchange and pick up your favourite festival outfits and essentials.

The LookMatters mobile closet will welcome the dropping off and picking up of clothes, accessories and bags. Echoing the concert theme at the venue, LookMatters is only seeking items suitable for a summer music festival look. From tops, shorts and summer dresses to sunglasses, hats and tote bags, anything of good quality that gives a summery vibe is welcome.

The event will also feature a sharing zone for festival essentials, such as raincoats, suncare products, paper or mini electrical fans, water bottles, and reusable dining ware for purchasing food at festivals. Unfortunately, umbrellas are not welcome!

Who are they?

JupYeah is also committed to various local community projects that aim to promote recycling and waste reduction. Resembling the Cantonese words that means “to pick up” or “to collect”, the organisation wants to shed light upon the second and equally critical step of recycling—reusing. We are so familiar with the idea of recycling in terms of donating that we may have neglected the importance of second-hand trading. It's easy to unburden ourselves from the guilt of over-consumption and an overcrowded wardrobe as we chuck our clothes and responsibility down the collection box. But if we treat recycling as a mere gesture of charity without changing our consumption habits or supporting second-hand stores, the problem of waste will remain. Our donations do not magically disappear when they are out of our sights. It's only when we also start supporting second-hand goods that we can finally close the loop.

Apart from LookMatters, JupYeah also hosts pop-up swap events for item swapping and other activities. Working with NGOs and social workers, Shareables by JupYeah is a program that provides basic daily items for the underprivileged. And if you can’t wait for these events, join the online community and dig for treasures through its platform for second-hand trading, or learn more about its mission through the JupYeah blog.

Happy swapping!

LookMatters by JupYeah event details

Date: August 11–13, 2017
Time: August 11, 6–9pm; August 12, 1–9pm; August 13, 1–9pm
Location: West Kowloon cultural district

Get your tickets to this three-day festival here:

By: Nicole Tang


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