Malaysia's water trouble

Malaysia's water trouble

6 September, 2011
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Malaysia's water situation to get worse before it gets better

While Malaysia gets enough rainwater on an average annual basis, the country might soon have a problem with that most important of resources. Even though the rainstorms in Kuala Lumpur wreak havoc with the traffic, it is believed that if climate change affects the cycle of rain, Malaysia could have water supply issues, which it will be forced to respond to. At the moment, Malaysians use more water than the people of Singapore or Thailand do on a daily basis.

It may sound obvious that if people started simply consuming water more responsibly, the savings both in water amount and money would be great. However in Malaysia not much has been done to encourage less wasteful water use. By this stage, in order to meet the target, the people would have to lessen their use of it by nearly forty percent. Unfortunately, the majority of Malaysians don’t even know how much water they use, because water only occupies a small portion of their monthly utility bills. And for the moment in Malaysia, because of cost issues, it wouldn’t work to upgrade the country’s water infrastructure.

Even though it might seem obvious that a way to deal with this problem is to make water a little more expensive, and studies have shown that much of the public would be all right with it, the politicians aren’t willing to do it at this stage. The government is focused on keeping an eye on how much there, is as opposed to controlling how much is used. People in Selangor are beginning to feel the effect as they are already short on water and having to get it from nearby Pahang.

Image via Mark McGinley’s Fulbright in Malaysia: Water Festival in Siem Reap

By: Ecozine Staff


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