Mensa Organica

Mensa Organica

18 June, 2012
Organic HK diner
Green getaway in busy shopping district

Located in the buzzing Causeway Bay shopping district of Hong Kong, Mensa Organica sits at the corner of two busy streets and is not hard to miss with its huge green signage.  Great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, the casual diner features its meat-free dishes on a separate menu, so there’s no need to puzzle over which options are suitable for vegetarians.  We recently checked it out for the great lunch deal for HKD $48 that includes a pasta and tea or coffee.  If you prefer more protein in your midday meal, you can add HKD $20 for German sausage or pork chop, or HKD $30 for lamb chops.  We decided to go simple and picked the organic spaghetti with truffle cream sauce.  While Mensa Organica has a major focus on organic ingredients, which is obvious from its name, not all the available options are organic.  For example, out of the three pasta options, only one is organic… but we still give the diner credit for effort. You’ve got to start somewhere, and providing an organic option is that start.  The truffle cream sauce was super creamy and delicious, with a rich, almost cheese-like texture.  The organic spaghetti was cooked al dente and accompanied perfectly with stir-fried baby bok choy and sweet baby corn.  We loved the fusion of east and west in the dish.  While the vegetables were stir-fried, they were not too oily at all.  This may be because they print handy calorie counts right next to each item on the menu!
Mensa Organica is great for a relaxed afternoon lunch, and since it is located at the corner with nice big picture windows, it is great for people watching – we recommend picking the window seats.  The restaurant sources its organic ingredients from a farm in Beijing and also offers a small selection of organic products and produce for sale. It would be even better is if they sourced locally in Hong Kong – maybe soon.  On our way out, we also spotted a gorgeous looking tomato mozzarella salad… must try next time! 
Mensa Organica is located at: Shop B&C, G/F Bright Star Mansion, 95-97 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

By: Ecozine Staff


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