7 October, 2015
Tesla Launch
It's here… and it's amazing

Ecozine was proud to attend a special worldwide digital launch of the long-anticipated, much talked-about Tesla Model X a few days ago... and it was worth the wait.
The car is a perfect expression of innovation, performance, and utility, in one ravishingly well-designed package.
Need convincing? Our pleasure. Let's highlight just a few of the key features on the dazzling new electric SUV (the standard 90D version) introduced by Elon Musk during the session:
- A single-charge driving range of over 400km
- Falcon Wing (!) doors that open upward for maximum access, and have built-in sensors for opening in tight parking spaces or low ceiling garages
- A driver's door that opens on approach and closes by itself when you're inside, so you can be hands-free to unload your belongings, fasten your belt and start the car
- Towing capacity of nearly 2,300kg (yes, over two tonnes)... while carrying 7 passengers and luggage!
- An advanced air filtration system with HEPA filters and even a "Bioweapon Defense Mode" - a feature to protect passengers against bacteria and harmful gasses, leading Elon Musk to assert that it would be the best car to have in an apocalyptic scenario (we are not making this up - watch the video)!
Oh, and did we mention that, in true Elon Musk style, the 'performance' version of the car (the P90D) includes an 'insane mode', in which the car can reach 100kph in just 3.2 seconds? What??This puts the family-friendly sport utility vehicly on par with the Maclaren F1 in aqcceleration terms, and leaves most conventional race cars in the (emissions-free) dust. Break the mold? Musk has pulverized it.
The whole presentation, which ended with the first 6 buyers receiving their new cars onstage, can be found here:
The Model x is without question targeting the luxury car market, with a starting price of HK$579,000. We suggest hitting the piggy bank and placing your order now if you're interested, as the First Registration Tax is currently waived for electric vehicles in Hong Kong, until the end of 2017, meaning a significant savings on the hefty purchase price. And while you're at it, get us one too?

By: Nissa Marion


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