New Honey Flavours

New Honey Flavours

24 February, 2016
Hexapi Honey
Experience new flavors of 100% natural honey

As soon as the outside temperature starts to drop, I find myself craving a spoonful of honey in my tea to ward off any winter chills and give me a much-needed energy buzz.
While it is commonly accepted that honey is healthier than refined sugar, many people might not know just what a significant role it has played in our history. Fossils of honeybees date back about 150 millions years, and the first record of beekeeping is depicted in cave paintings found in Spain from 7000 BC. Honey was used in ancient times by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, where it played a paramount role in their social, economic and spiritual life. Early on it was recognized for its medicinal and healing properties and was used to treat illnesses and wounds. Today, honey is commonly taken to sooth sore throats and fight colds.

Honey is a common product sold in most supermarkets around the world; however, not all honey is the same. This natural product differs widely depending on the flower from which the bee collected its pollen and as such, there are hundreds of different varieties. Not only does the taste between honeys differ but the treatment process can also affect its appearance, consistency and most importantly, its health benefits. Some honeys experience so much processing and pasteurizing that there is almost no trace of pollen left, rendering them sugary syrups with very little nutritional value. These commercial honeys are leagues behind their nutritionally rich unpasteurized counterparts.
If you love honey and want to make sure the kind you buy is 100% natural, straight-from-the-comb, then you’ll definitely love Hexapi Honey available here in Hong Kong. Their organic honey comes exclusively from a German bee-keeping family and is available in over 50 flavors so you are sure to find one to suit your tastes. Stocked in various local retailers including numerous organic stores, keep your eyes peeled for their products!
After tasting their entire raw and pure organic range (ambitious, I know!), I was amazed by the diversity in both flavor and texture available. One of my personal favorites was their Acacia Honey with its delicate sweetness and runny consistency. I also loved the smoky flavor of the Chestnut Honey and interesting herbal complexity of the Heath Honey made by bees that collect pollen from specific heather fields in northern Germany.
I also tried their organic honey compositions that offer clever pairings of ingredients for a uniquely delicious experience. Some of the standout combinations included Espresso & Honey, Lemon & Honey, Chili & Honey and my personal favorite: Spices & Honey. Whilst they may not all work in your morning cup of tea, they make a pretty fantastic addition to many dessert recipes, salad dressings or even just drizzled over a bowl of natural Greek yogurt.
Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly eat any more honey, I was introduced to their superfood range, each with its own super-ingredient from anti-oxidant rich aronia berries to immune-boosting bee pollen and sea buckthorn packed full of vitamin C. Some of my favorite flavors from this range included their delicious cinnamon honey, their fiery ginger honey that soon became a breakfast staple in my house and their surprisingly tasty dark green spirulina flavor which is the perfect natural sweetener for raw veggie juice and smoothies.
It’s safe to say that Hexapi have a honey to suit most tastes. To learn more about their wide range of products, or where you can pick up a jar (or five in my case), check out their website or email

By: Tessa Friend


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