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22 June, 2017
Responsib'ALL Day 2017
Employees support sustainability in Hong Kong

More than 180 Pernod Ricard employees based in Hong Kong joined the Group’s seventh annual Responsib'ALL Day on 12th June. The volunteers worked hand-in-hand to give back to the Hong Kong community and support the Group’s wider global campaign dedicated to promoting sustainability and responsibility. Around the world, 87 Pernod Ricard affiliates came together on Responsib'ALL Day 2017 to bring the Group’s Sustainability and Responsibility (S&R) commitments to life and make a difference in the communities where Pernod Ricard operates.

In Hong Kong, Pernod Ricard volunteers worked to support four distinct areas of need in the city, with all staff members contributing their time and efforts to make the projects a success. Philippe Guettat, Pernod Ricard Asia Chairman & CEO, joined in as well—rolling up his sleeves to support his colleagues at Shek O to clean up the coastline and beautify the beach. Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail, Mohit Lal, and Vice President of Public Affairs and S&R for Pernod Ricard Asia, Cyril Sayag, joined the team at the animal shelter to perform maintenance and renovation tasks for a better living environment for the animals in need. Pernod Ricard Hong Kong & Macau’s Managing Director, Frantz Hotton, helped the team to arrange a memorable party for the underprivileged elderlies.

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman & CEO of Pernod Ricard, said, “I’m proud of our 18,500 global employees every day, but even more on Responsib’All Day when they take a full day to give back to their local communities. Founders of all of our brands were pillars of their communities, and it’s a beautiful homage to see that 200, 300 years on, we still commit to contributing to our environment and helping the people around us. Convivialité is all about sharing and living together better: there is no sustainable success if it does not benefit everybody.”
Once again, Pernod Ricard is collaborating with HandsOn Hong Kong to ensure that Responsib'ALL Day volunteers go where they are needed the most. A registered charity organisation, HandsOn Hong Kong promotes community service and helps to connect companies like Pernod Ricard to local charity partners. This year, Pernod Ricard volunteers took part in four activities in support of four different charitable groups.

The first team of volunteers assisted the Kelly Animals Shelter to perform maintenance and renovation tasks, including cleaning the paddocks, painting kennel walls, mowing the grass, removing rubble and more. All of this work will mean that the environment in which hundreds animals and their caretakers spend their days is cleaner, safer and more pleasant.

The second group of Pernod Ricard volunteers helped out at the Choi Wan Estate Community Centre. Here, employees prepared a party for around 50 underprivileged elderly residents. They created goody bags and decorated the venue, then enjoyed the party together with the residents—leading them through ice-breakers and party games, and enjoying snacks and conversation together. At the end, the volunteers cleaned up from the party and distributed the goody bags to residents.

The third group assisted Soap Cycling, a Hong Kong non-profit organisation that recycles soap in order to help people experiencing poverty or homelessness. Volunteers started by receiving background information on the needs of the low-income and homeless community in Hong Kong, before moving on to the day’s activity—sorting and carving lightly used soaps donated by hotels, and wrapping them into hygiene packs. HandsOn Hong Kong will then distribute the soaps to homeless groups, as well as earthquake survivors in Southeast Asia.

The fourth group worked with Plastic Free Seas to do good for Hong Kong’s marine life and environment. Volunteers travelled to Shek O, where they broke into teams to clean up different areas of the coastline. There were also opportunities to learn more about the biggest threats to Hong Kong’s coastal environment, and what everyone can do to beautify Hong Kong beaches and make a difference for the plant and animal life that depend on these ecosystems.

According to an internal commitment survey of the Group’s 18,500 employees worldwide, conducted by the independent firm Towers Watson in 2016, 95 per cent of Pernod Ricard employees feel proud to be associated with their company and 93 per cent said they fully support the Group’s values. Another 90 per cent consider their company to be a socially responsible actor of its community.

Pernod Ricard’s Responsib’All Day key global figures:

- Now in its 7th consecutive year;
- 18,500 committed employees;
- 87 affiliates involved;
- 103 initiatives, with 100 communities benefiting from Pernod Ricard’s support across the world;
- 150,000 hours dedicated worldwide to promoting sustainability and responsibility commitments on Responsib’All Day in 2017, +1 million hours since the first year.

By: Ecozine Staff


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