Pizza Express

Pizza Express

15 November, 2012
Tomato fiesta
New addition to Green Monday movement

If you haven’t heard about Green Monday, you’ve been missing out!  Check out this great initiative that encourages vegetarian dining for at least one day per week to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth.  Green Monday also gives out special perks to its fans, including the latest one-a free appetizer coupon from Pizza Express!  We had a quick and delicious lunch recently at the Soho Square location in Central.
To support Green Monday, when you order an item from the vegetarian menu at Pizza Express, you’ll get a complimentary tomato and mozzarella cheese appetizer, valued at HKD67.  Garnished with pesto and basil, the juicy and succulent tomatoes were very fresh and the mozzarella cheese was creamy and soft-a perfect prelude to a pizza.  Don’t think you’ll be limited by options on the vegetarian menu as you have plenty to choose from, ranging from salads and appetizers to all kinds of pizzas and pastas.
With a list of delicious ingredients, the Giardinera pizza definitely caught our eye in the menu.  Giardinera means “under vinegar” in Italian, used to describe picked foods eaten as an antipasti or with salads.  This HKD 127 pizza has plenty of juicy tomatoes and fresh red bell peppers, along with soft and fleshy black olives and a couple artichokes, topped with melted mozzarella.  The great thing about Pizza Express pizzas is that they’re the perfect size for one person but they’re also perfect for sharing to get to taste a variety of flavours,
Side note: for those of you with a moustache, you’ll also get a free appetizer in the month of November as Pizza Express is supporting Movember!  Plus, one dollar is added to each bill and the proceeds will go to support prostate cancer research and awareness.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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