16 May, 2011
Fresh bread in a cozy space
Vegetarian options at the right price

Pumpernickel is well known for its fresh bakery products, particularly the walnut bread and French baguettes. The laid back café also offers a vegetarian set lunch meal that comes with a soup or drink, bread and an entrée, offering great value and convenience to the hardworking Hong Kong lunch crowd looking for a healthier, but still quick, lunchtime option.
On the day we visited, the vegetarian menu included an Italian veggie soup and brown rice, a selection of vegetarian meat in satay sauce, and a small side salad. Fake meat is not usually my favorite choice when it comes to food, but the vegetarian versions of the fish and pork in satay tasted as close as you could get to the real deal, and we were pleased with the texture. Fresh greens paired with a tangy Italian dressing were an excellent complement to the entrée.
The hearty brown rice and hot vegetable soup offered nice texture and decent flavour. Its heartiness would be particularly nice for a chilly or rainy day.
We’ll definitely be back to try out some of the other entrees served at this popular chain of cafes.

By: Karry Lai


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