Review: Mashpi Lodge

Review: Mashpi Lodge

9 July, 2015
Conservation and Comfort
Ecuador's leading green hotel is a both a science project and luxury resort

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine towering trees, their trunks covered with moss; giant ferns reaching for sunlight through the mist; sounds of a nearby waterfall, the smell of the earth, the moisture from dew drops glistening on your face. Enter the Mashpi Jungle Lodge in the Andean Cloudforest. Still completely immersed in the rainforest, sink into the luxury of this minimalist cocoon amid the clouds and mountains, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows serving up endless views of trees, and the sound of frog calls and chirping birds bringing nature’s music to each morning.
Perched at 900m above sea level, the lodge is surrounded by a wealth of plant life and some 500 species of birds! Guests are welcomed to join the naturalist and local guides to journey the trails and learn about the myriad flora and fauna that inhabitat the forest. Don’t be surprised if you come across families of wild monkeys and peccaries, regular sightings in the area. The thoughtfully-mapped trails have been adapted using recycled plastic crates to create walking paths for guests.
Don't be surprised if you come across families of toucans and peccaries, regular sightings in the area. The hummingbird station is one of the most magical places at Mashpi as playful hummingbird faries zip back and forth as they beat their wings up to 80 times per second. Not to be missed is the sky bike which offers an amazing view and excellent perspective of just how vast the biodiversity filled Choco forest is. 
One of the most exciting projects at Mashpi is the introduction of spider monkeys in 2015. This endangered primate native to Ecuador is one of the top 25 most endangered in the world with only 250 left in the Choco forest. Wildlife Research Project Coordinator Carlos Morochz and team are working to introduce 23 individual monkeys to Mashpi. "We want to show guests that the combination of luxury, nature and conservation is possible," says Carlos. General Manager Marc Bery adds, "The hotel is a science project that we want guests to understand - it's a comfortable place with a conservationist message."
The beautifully designed Mashpi lodge has three Yaku suites, each extending over an expansive 37 square metres and featuring a Philippe Starck-designed bathtub with a view. The 19 Wayra rooms, meanwhile, are 34 square metres. All rooms offer up breathtaking panoramas of the jungle that surrounds the property.
As Ecuador’s leading green hotel, every possible environmental consideration has been taken at the Masphi Lodge. LED lights and subdued lighting are incorporated into its design, and care has been taken to create a building that can operate efficiently while serving guests needs fully. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to refill with the lodge’s filtered water, or use the refillable water bottles supplied. Biodegradable soaps, shampoos and conditioners are offered as the lodge’s water comes from crystalline local rivers and is filtered and treated before returning to the forest. 
The magnificent view from the two-floor dining room is the perfect setting for sumptuous meals served there. Drawing from the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine and ingredients, the dishes created by Mashpi’s chefs incorporate a variety of herbs, spices, and chilies found in the rainforest, as well as fresh tropical and temperate fruits. A trip to Ecuador is not complete without tasting organic Ecuadorian chocolate – another special feature of the Mashpi experience.
Take a journey to the Andean rainforest and explore this natural paradise on your next trip to Ecuador!
Awards: Ecuador's Leading Green Hotel, World Travel Awards 2014,; Member, Conde Nast Traveler Hot List 2013; Best Resort, Wallpaper Design Awards 2012
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By: Ecozine Staff


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