Royal green

Royal green

12 May, 2011
Will & Kate go eco
How the popular British prince and his bride are walking the talk

Despite media commentary about the high carbon footprint of the royal nuptials, Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have done their best to keep the environment in mind when planning for their big wedding day. It started out with William popping the question at a safari reserve in Kenya; next, the wedding presents, with guests having been asked to donate to charities, including a number of environmental causes, rather than giving gifts. Even the wedding cake was organic, and made with locally sourced ingredients, as was much of the royal menu for the celebration. Rumour also has it that the royal wedding rings were fashioned from recycled Welsh gold.
The couple plans to move into an eco-friendly home with a reed-bed sewage system, wood chip boiler, solar panels and sheep’s wool for insulation. Sounds like the royal couple is conscious of doing their part in spreading the eco message with their “star power”!

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