Run Eco-logically

Run Eco-logically

21 July, 2016
The GreenRace
Trail running is getting greener, and we couldn’t be happier!

Hong Kong offers an amazing variety of environmentally friendly trail running events for you to get involved in. From Oxfam to Standard Charter, organisers are finding different ways to encourage runners to be friendlier to the environment.
However, the greenest race of them all is the GreenRace. Their events aim to contribute to the local community by encouraging sustainable physical activity outdoors.
What’s also exciting is their partnership with the Hong Kong Cleanup and Ecozine. The GreenRace has pledged 5% of their HK race registration proceeds to go to HKCleanup and their primary community contribution goes to educating Hong Kong and being part of the green movement to keep Hong Kong parks and coastlines beautiful. Each GreenRace participant also receives a complimentary issue of Ecozine Magazine!
So what does the GreenRace do to make your race green?

1. No disposable water bottles
The GreenRace is partnered with Mr Green Juice to provide each participant with one recyclable glass bottled beverage. GreenJuice also offers a deposit refund for all returned glass bottles.
2. No cups
Bring Your Own Cup! The GreenRace does not provided disposable cups. Glass bottles are provided and can be recycled on the spot!
3. No disposable packaging
All their racepacks include their most excellent green partner – Lucho Dillitos, who provide guava energy cubes wrapped in biodegradable plantain leaves!
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4. No non-resuable metal awards
All their medals and trophies are made from FSC sourced wood and reusable as coffee coasters (or beer coasters for that matter!)
5. No safety pins
The GreenRace does not use disposable safety pins. All racepacks include a reusable GreenRace running belt. Fasten your bib to the belt and you are off! Already have a running belt? Let them know and they will even give you a discount in your registration fee!
6. No disposable vouchers
Find all partner discount offers and codes on the back of your race bib!
7. No disposable racepacks
Their racepacks are recyclable and reusable wetsacs for all your soggy post race running gear. Also makes a great sealable bag for your muddy trail runners.
8. No disposable course markings
They resuse all GreenRace cloth flagging.

So come on and get involved!
The next GreenRace race takes place on 3rd September, starting at Kong Ha Au Barbecue Site, in Plover Cove Country Park. They offer different routes depending on whether you want to run solo or as a team, and on your level of experience.
In order to prepare you, The GreenRace offers pre-training events. For details, check their website or Facebook page

Also check out our HK Cleanup website to see how you can get involved with us!

By: Kyrah Mckenzie


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