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27 November, 2015
The Green Race
The cleaner, greener trail-running race has come to Hong Kong - sign up now!

Hong Kong runners and hikers know the beauty of our city's abundant natural terrains, and tend to be passionate about the quality of life in Hong Kong and fiercely protective of their right of access to the outdoors; and yet, ultimately, the volume of waste created at races and trail running events is often disheartening, and certainly not part of the solution.
Take any given day out on the trails with family or friends; you can easily tally up all the waste created from a small group, from energy gels and protein bar wrappers to plastic water bottles. Now think about the scale of a single racing event - with hundreds or thousands of race shirts, bibs, water bottles, leaflets and medals created for every race - and then the whole trail running and racing industry. There's a huge opportunity for someone to create a change.
Enter The Green Race. Their goal is to create events that help change the way the running community thinks and live their lives. And they are walking (or perhaps running) the talk.
The Green Race not only offers an exciting new series of races and routes, but also real, tangible solutions to unsustainable race practises like disposable bibs and bottles. From reusable race packs and race belts to sustainably produced wooden awards, The Green Race maintains an impressive goal of leaving a zero carbon foot print on Hong Kong at the end of every event they hold.
Their events aim to contribute to the local community and environment by enjoying the outdoors sustainably, with organisers and participants equally taking a role in caring for the environment. They leverage the running community's enthusiasm for health and wellness to encourage better habits for ourselves and the planet... while maintaining the core elements that make trail running races a success: well-organised events, beautiful routes, and fantastic event partners.
At this point we'll just insert a little plug and highlight that Ecozine is a proud partner of this innovative new company and its events, which are a perfect fit for so many of our readers and community - and we couldn't be more excited. It's time Hong Kong had a race like this.
And although still a new and growing company, The Green Race puts their money where their mouths are; five per cent of their registration revenue in Hong Kong will go to support the Hong Kong Cleanup, a well-loved environmental initiative that works with the community to clean up Hong Kong and raise awareness of environmental issues. 
Race Director Etienne Rodriguez is clear about the event's aims: "The amount of waste Hong Kong creates everyday for our landfills is just not sustainable. The Green Race is an opportunity for runners to reset themselves from everyday life and habit. We are glad to be able to make this kind of difference through a channel we are so passionate about (trail running)."
He adds,“We have some very cool corporate team and pair categories in addition to our solo options allowing us to not only get out, be fit and enjoy Hong Kong trails but feel really great about why we’re out and what we’re doing to create change in everyday Hong Kong life!
Their first race in Hong Kong, "The Green Race Braemar", will take place on January 9th, 2016 - and entries are still available in most categories. The Green Race also offers personalised running plans & training, and organises numerous fun runs, retreats, trail races & trail cleans with a presence across Asia and North America.
For more information and race registration details, visit
Or, follow The Green Race's Facebook page to stay on top of new upcoming events and opportunities!

By: Ecozine Staff


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