16 February, 2015
Contemporary Dining
Seasonally Fresh Ingredients

The recently opened SAAM in Hong Kong’s Soho district is an excellent venue for a shared gastronomic experience.  This 24-seater restaurant has a chilled and casual atmosphere with communal wooden tables.  Chef Patrick Dany crafts his artistic dishes in a contemporary style using seasonally available ingredients. 
One of our favorites at SAAM is the Cuttlefish Noodles, inspired by carbonara but pasta has been switched out with thinly cut cuttlefish!  The dish is complimented with seaweed dressed in yuzu sauce and sea urchin on top.  Soft Pumpkin is a beautiful creation that is inspired by the forest in which savoury granola is used metaphorically as soil and small mushroom, sage and pumpkin soaked in brown butter literally grow out from the soil!  All seafood dishes are sustainably sourced at SAAM, including the fresh and meaty Line Caught Wild Red Scorpion Fish which comes with French frieds gnocchi, clams, and corn.  For desserts, the sweet and sour Granny Smith is an appetizing dessert that just makes us crave for more!  If you’re into coconut, the newly added coconut dessert with silky smooth coconut ice cream and coconut flakes is a must!
SAAM is located at: G/F, 51 Graham Street, Soho, Central.  Tel: + 852-2645-9828.

By: Ecozine Staff


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