Samuel J songs

Samuel J songs

15 June, 2017
The unifying power of music
Changing lives through his voice

If you're someone who loves finding great and inspiring new music, you should start listening to Samuel J. We at Ecozine are totally in love with his work. He is not only a vocalist, composer and producer but also an engaged conservationist, which makes us love him even more!

From Cornwall south England to the rest of the world, Samuel J's sound reflects a strong belief in the unifying power of music. Inspired by the people and cultures of his travels around the globe, his incredible love and respect for nature shines through in his work. Samuel’s passion for music was simultaneously born at the same time as his enthusiasm for nature, the outdoors and surfing started. “My dad would take me out to the ocean and there was something about that, which began to put into music”, says Sam.

As a musician, Samuel J has a lot of conversations with people from different places that are going through different challenges in their lives. These individuals and their histories influence his work and he believes that his songs can be empowering to people. “That’s what I’ve been ready to fulfill, influence people in a positive way”.

One beautiful example of Samuel J albums that changed lives through music is “Brazil Live Project”. The album raised funds for child education in Brazil, where he discovered some heavy truths through the many street children that he met. Their courage was deeply moving and inspired his music. “I wanted to help so I set out on a mission to create a large scale musical project with some of my musical heroes in Brazil”.

Samuel managed to collaborate with Brazil's great stage names like Gabriel O Pensador, Maria Gadu, Olodum, Falamansa, Marcelo D2 and some of the nationa’s many hidden street talents. More than just an album, Brasil Live Project reflects music’s unity power and its ability to break down barriers in the ever more segregated world.
Samuel has also toured and shared the stage with the likes of Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Zero 7, Alice Russell and Jurassic 5.

At the moment, Samuel is working on his new album called “Into the light”, which he considers to be one of his best works. Focusing in the belief and positive changes, the album will also become a documentary of his travels and interactions with people around the world. “I want to show people’s real light”, said Sam.

For a part of this album, Samuel J is engaged with Sea Shepherd, a non-profit marine conservation organisation with the mission of defending, conserving and protecting fragile marine wildlife and ending the destruction of habitat. With songs about the greatness’s and beauty of animals like sea turtles, Sam and Sea Shepherd combined their work to protect our green life. Samuel said it brings him “great honor to raise funds and awareness for Sea Shepherd worldwide” through his music.

Want to know how to get involved with Sea Shepherd as well? Please visit their website here.

Below are some of our favorite Samuel J songs to inspire you:

1. Colorful Vibration;
2. Believe In You;
3. Turtle;
4. Just One;
5. Hero In you.

More about Samuel J work:

By: Caroline Beber


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