Sarah Yim

Sarah Yim

11 June, 2012
Spend green with wisdom

Spending with wisdom is the motto of, a Hong Kong based Chinese website that provides tips on how women can focus more on quality purchases rather than recklessly spending their hard-earned cash on fleeting trends and short-lived fashions. A special function of the website is the clothes/accessories swap where members can either swap or purchase items from each other. We caught up with Sarah Yim, founder of
Ecozine: Where did the motto for your website originate from?
Sarah: focuses on spending with wisdom and how consuming and spending should be done with quality and wisdom instead of making blind purchases. Our soft launch was in August 2009 and we officially launched around Christmas 2009. This idea of spending with wisdom and making smart purchasing choices is used throughout the website, which incorporates blogs, café reviews and the Swop section. In the “QE & Friends” section, bloggers can talk about their views and their lifestyles. The QE Ratings section features ratings of places for women to chill out in Hong Kong. And, of course, we have the swop section, where members can either swap or purchase accessories and clothing from each other.
Ecozine: How do you integrate environmental awareness into your site?
Sarah: I would like to integrate more green features into the website. I don’t want to target just spending since by choosing quality and making green lifestyle choices in purchases, people are contributing to the environment. I think people are being more conscious about buying green. The Hip and Green section for our bloggers is a simple way to incorporate green tips and D.I.Y projects for our audience.
Ecozine: How have you been promoting the site?
Sarah: I’ve been mostly using Facebook, face-to-face introductions and through word of mouth. Our focus is female audiences in their late 20’s and above.
Ecozine: What are some of your personal favourite websites?
Sarah: A common one I visit is, as well as other Hong Kong sites targeting females such as I also visit random sites to get ideas, such as to find out more about eco-fashion. I also like from Malaysia.
Ecozine: Do you plan to work with charities as part of the members’ events?
Sarah: I think it’s important to go green with style, so I’ve created a canvas tote bag with my logo for my members. It’s both a fashionable and green item. I look forward to including more merchandise that can be sold either online or at events and proceeds can go to charities.

By: Ecozine Staff


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