Saving Sharks

Saving Sharks

5 August, 2015
Ecotourism to Help
Eco-tours can disband the shark fishing industry in Indonesia by offering fishermen a more stable income

In an effort to cull the destructive shark trade in Indonesia, eco-tourism group The Dorsal Effect has worked with locals to create a positive eco-tourism economy that supports, rather than harms, sharks in Indonesia.
By dissecting the state of the local shark fin economy, the group found that local boats put themselves into US $1,000 debt preparing for each trip. On a good day, the crew will haul 10-20 sharks. The US $85 per trip earned averages to a mere US $1.88 a day since trips are only conducted every one to two months.
Essentially, the industry relies on the exploitation of local fishermen. The Dorsal Effect therefore established a financial incentive to abandon it: a shark eco-tourism venture that pays more than shark fishing. By recycling the existing fishing infrastructure, The Dorsal Effect aims to integrate locals into a stable sightseeing business that relies on sharks being alive rather than dead. The eco-tours allow fishermen to work daily for a stable income (rather than sporadically for a penance), thus disintegrating the shark fin trade. With no monetary incentive for shark fishing, fishermen leave the animals alone. 
So far, The Dorsal Effect offers one trip in Lombok, Indonesia. For either US $120 or US $150 (depending on pick up location) participants will spend the day hopping from beach to beach - including the famous Pink Beach - and snorkeling. All snorkeling gear is provided, along with packed lunch, drinks and an explanation of the local shark situation. A minimum of three people per group are required to book and an additional transport charge is incurred over ten people.
Those interested can head over here and must book no fewer than four days in advance.
Take part in an unforgettable experience and help disband the shark fishing economy in Indonesia once and for all!

By: Louis de Tilly-Blaru


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