Senova Hour

Senova Hour

15 June, 2011
Secrets of greenovation
Green entrepreneurs share thoughts

Social Ventures Hong Kong, a social purpose organization that provides financial and non-financial support to social enterprises in Hong Kong, and f:ml (fusion, music, life), a multicultural platform for the fusion of ethnic music experiences and local lifestyles, recently held a networking/music/dance event called Senova Hour, bringing together creative artists and entrepreneurs to share innovative ideas complemented by live world music. Participants were encouraged to share thoughts about the potential challenges and solutions of the entrepreneurial ideas by putting themselves into the shoes of the innovators.

Trini Leung, Executive Director of Carbon Care Asia, shared about the latest Clean Development Mechanism project of her company, a reforestation and aforestation project in Sichuan with a local organization called Shan Shui. The sale of carbon credits through the company benefits the local communities in which they operate. Trini discussed about the importance of accountability and provision of tangible benefits and understanding for clients regarding the carbon emissions trading component of her business.

Billy Potts, Co-Founder of The Handsome Bag Company, gave an overview of his business of designing bags out of used taxi seats. By upcycling, waste can be reduced while providing business to artisans whose skills are disappearing.

Leslie Lachiche, an artist based in Pui O, Lantau shared that her art, ranging from paintings to ornaments, are created from objects found in Pui O’s beaches such as bottle caps, plastic bottles, glass and more, prompting us to consider what is waste and how with creativity, waste can be turned into beautiful objects.

Francis Ngai, founder of Social Ventures Hong Kong, gave a quick introduction to his idea of launching a Green Mondays Campaigns whereby anyone could commit to a small, simple environmental action, such as being a vegetarian, every Monday.

Jason Canoy, world music drummer, dancer and craftsman from the Philippines, performed upbeat music and dance movements for the evening with his drumming group. With eco-friendly musical instruments created from objects found in nature, Jason and his mates added invigoration and inspiration to the night for budding eco entrepreneurs and people interested in creating change.

By: Ecozine Staff


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