Six Senses makes sense

Six Senses makes sense

20 April, 2011
Hotel chain does its part
Awaken to natural breezes and genuine wellbeing

Soothing spa resort chain Six Senses has properties all over the world, including locations in Asia in China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Maldives. Six Senses resorts pride themselves on their commitment to being as ecologically friendly as possible.
Six Senses employs a number of ways to minimize its impact on the environment. The design of Six Senses’ spas and villas reflects the local building styles in the areas they are located in, and use centuries-old wisdom such as using naturally cool materials, breezeways and natural lighting to reduce the need for air conditioning and lighting. Greenhouse gas emissions are minimized by use of energy efficient devices, increasing awareness among guests on energy conservation, and turning to renewable sources of energy. Fresh water consumption is reduced through water-saving equipment and increasing guest awareness, as well as onsite wastewater treatment plants that allow greywater to be treated and used for garden watering.
The 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – are implemented wherever possible as part of the Six Senses way of operation, and the use of virgin raw materials, especially paper products, is kept to a minimum. Social and environmental projects that help contribute to the wellbeing of the staff and local community are also implemented in every Six Senses property. Six Senses also participates in a carbon offset program that replaces coal fired power plants with wind turbines in south India.

By: Ecozine Staff


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