Skin-friendly oats

Skin-friendly oats

19 January, 2012
Because the planet is worth it
Research on eco-friendly ways of extracting natural materials

Led by AgResearch in Australia, an international team of scientists is currently working on the development of eco-friendly extraction and processing methods of oats and ancient grain weed called amaranth for use in beauty products. At present, AgResearch is focused on extracting bio polymers from natural materials by using methods that are kinder to the Earth, as opposed to traditional chemical-based methods of extraction.
So far, the company has already patented an eco-friendly water-based extraction technology, and more research is being done on modification of the extracted natural molecules to make them more suitable for use in beauty products. According to its group of researchers, oats and amaranth both contain powerful antioxidants that, once processed in eco-friendly fashion, will make excellent skin and hair care products.

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