Smile Bar

Smile Bar

6 January, 2016
Teeth Whitening Expert
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Having heard rave reviews of recently-opened The Smile Bar in Wan Chai, we decided to see what the fuss was all about. And what better way than to send our Editor in Chief, Nissa Marion, just a week ahead of her November wedding, to sample the services? Here's what she had to say.

Never having had my teeth whitened, I was pretty excited about the idea. At the same time though, I didn't think my teeth were particularly 'not white'. I never drink red wine or smoke, and I'd already quite a coffee habit that only lasted about a year. So imagine my surprise when I held the colour chart up to my face at the sleek and shiny new Smile Bar in Wan Chai, and realised I had almost 20 shades sitting between me and pure white.
Leading me to an egg-shaped chair at my own whitening station, the technician explained that the relatively gentle process would only take my teeth as far as they naturally go… in other words, removing staining from food, drink, etc, but not going beyond the whiteness of my own enamel. With this clarified, he settled me into my comfy pod with a pair of Bose earphones and began the first of three 20-minute whitening intervals.
The process was simple and painless; after brushing my teeth (with a toothbrush I get to keep), I sat with a tray of gel on my teeth and a futuristic looking ultraviolet light aimed at my mouth, and… well, waited. To pass the time I had brought my e-reader, and I listened to music on my iPhone with the earphones. A pair of orange sunglasses is provided so the light doesn't hurt your eyes. After each interval I was able to see the progressively whiter appearance of my smile, which fuelled my excitement for the final result and and gave me patience for the process, which required that I sit quite still (anyone who knows me will know what a challenge that is for me).
After the third and final treatment, a 'nano seal' was applied (optional) to lock in the results. It was a bit strong smelling, like varnish, but it meant that I could immediately eat and drink without worrying about staining my now pearly whites. Without it, I'd have had to wait 6 hours to eat anything, and around 72 hours before consuming anything potentially re-staining, such as tea or soy sauce. Did I mention I struggle with patience… especially when it comes to eating? The NanoSeal was a life saver.
Upon completion and after a final rinse, we went back to the brightly-lit colour chart area and gazed in the mirror. My teeth had become noticeably whiter, yet as promised, still looked completely natural, allaying my fears of having a too-white, fakey Hollywood smile. I had moved a whole 14 degrees up the shade scale, and was very pleased with what I saw.
I left the soothing environment of the Smile Bar with a bigger-than-ever grin; I felt that my whiter teeth made my face appear younger, and gave me a sense of well-groomed satisfaction akin to having just had a facial or manicure. With my wedding less than a week away, this was a perfect way to freshen my appearance without doing anything too dramatic. Thank you, Smile Bar!

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For bookings or details, email or call (+852) 2620 0615
1/F, Hang Wai Commercial Building, No. 231-233 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

By: Ecozine Staff


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