Snack Attack

Snack Attack

16 March, 2016
Healthy snacking made easy

We’ve all been there: you open that family-sized bag of nuts for a light snack – and before you know it you’re left with nothing more than an empty bag and a slightly bloated feeling. But fear not, we’ve got four great solutions for investing in higher-grade snacking calories.

Picking up on a trend which has been circulating around the US and Britain for some years now, the snack box subscription service has well and truly landed in Hong Kong. These companies pride themselves on delivering a package of carefully chosen munchies to the customer’s address of choice. We’ve selected four of the best to help up your snacking ante.


Why it’s great—Newest to the scene, ChewsWize aims to stop us overindulging by providing healthy daily snack packs that are portion controlled to contain no more than 250 calories. With an extensive range of over 38 snack combinations, and with new snacks added each month, there is something for everyone. There are numerous nut-free options on offer too, which is ideal for busy parents conforming to strict school guidelines.
What’s inside—From Parmesan half-popped corn bites to avocado lime rice crackers, each pack guarantees to be free from the usual nasty suspects (artificial colourings, preservatives, trans fats, corn syrup and palm oil) lurking in our snacks. We especially loved snacking on some of the more interesting dried fruit options - such as dark chocolate goji berries, juice-infused strawberries and pepper banana chips - in the morning. In the afternoon, our cravings tempted us on to the whole-wheat mango and fig bars, seasoned corn nuts, and the cocoa coconut bites.
Cost—For $88 HKD per week including delivery, ChewsWize will deliver your 100% recyclable box containing your choice of five daily snacks for the week!
The Verdict—Great for kids.

Why it’s great—Started by Hong Konger Elizabeth Li Greenberry aims to satisfy savoury or sugary cravings without compromising nutritional value. The snacks available are organic/all-natural and free of artificial additives, preservatives and corn syrup. Their products are sourced from a range of different companies, so you’ll be hard-pressed to tire of the snacks on offer! Greenberry is particularly good for those looking to snack wisely, but can’t give up on their sweet tooth!

What’s inside—Greenberry offers two snacking options: Wellness, which has been designed to encourage daily energy and healthy digestion, and Darlings, a box for children (or adults who need that extra encouragement to eat healthy)! Each box promises to contain a mixture of delights to satisfy all taste buds. A typical box might contain some of the following; quinoa chips, organic shortbread, coconut water, organic dark chocolate and a fruit bar.

Cost—Subscriptions start at $213 HKD a month for box containing eight individual snacks. You can choose a one-, three- or six-month subscription option.

The Verdict—Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.
Signature Snack
Why it’s great—Signature Snack has loads of unique healthy offerings, such as Maple Caramel Almonds, Honey Rosemary Almond Walnut, and Garlic Bread Cashews. They also bake their own cookies fresh onsite. Their snacks are particularly great for those morning stomach rumbles, and are 100% natural and free from preservatives.
What’s inside—Customers can choose from strictly healthy snacks, savoury snacks, freshly baked cookies, granola, and dried fruits and nuts & seeds. We loved the originality of their snacks: Chocolate Coconut Granola, Salted Vanilla Cashew Crumble and Thai Coconut Cashews.

Cost—Starting from $169 HKD per month when you sign up for a three-month subscription. Each box contains five full-sized snack pouches.

The Verdict—Ideal for the health-conscious!
Lucho Dillitos
Why it’s great—Lucho Dillitos is a new natural energy bar originating from Colombia. Made using a thick guava paste, this 100% natural bar is high in vitamins and minerals. The bar melts in your mouth and provides an important energy boost! Lucho Dillitos come wrapped up in a dry leaf, and a natural and biodegradable wrapper.

What’s inside—Customers can order a box of 12 Lucho Dillitos for delivery.

Cost—$180 HKD including delivery.

The Verdict—Brilliant for workouts.

By: Alison Freeman


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