Solar Tram Shelter

Solar Tram Shelter

15 June, 2017
Powering 60 Light Bulbs By Night
Can HSBC's New Solar Powered Tram Shelter Usher In Cleaner Energy?

It's about time Hong Kong began taking solar power seriously. As a developed city, the notion of solar power hasn't exactly caught onto the masses, up until now.

In a bid to curb the city's burgeoning issue of light pollution and energy consumption, HSBC and Grey Group Hong Kong have taken the next smart step by installing solar panels, not just anywhere, but on top of one the city's tram shelters right outside their main building in the hustling and bustling CBD.

Absorbing sunlight by day, the panels harness that energy and power up to 60 light bulbs during the night, providing essentially free light to passengers waiting for and alighting trams. The city itself consumes a whopping amount of electricity on a day to day basis, and with this being the only solar powered roof to be seen anywhere, citizens are hoping the government implement new measures to curb unnecessary consumption. What better way than to turn one of Hong Kong's most iconic modes of transportation in a symbol of transformation.

This is all part of the brand new Belt-andRoad-Initiative (BRI), a visionary blueprint for shifting towards a greener economy. Hong Kong's tram system has been in use for upwards of a century, dating back as far as 1904.

7 days a week, these trams can be seen hurtling Hong Kongers throughout Hong Kong Island, the city's busiest area. We hope this idea takes off and ushers in a new era of solar energy for the city!

By: Ecozine Staff


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