South Africa ecotourism

South Africa ecotourism

23 June, 2012
Responsible tourism
National minimum standard for green tours

A new National Minimum Standard for Responsible Tourism (SANMSRT) has been launched by the National Ministry of Tourism. The standard provides the tourism industry with a list of principles and requirements addressing sustainable management and operations; social and cultural issues; economic benefit; and environmental impact.
The format of the Standard is aligned to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC), which is an international definition of sustainability in tourism endorsed by leading organizations including the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme. The SANMSRT is an effort to establish a common understanding of responsible tourism and also aims to harmonize the different sets of criteria currently utilized for certifying the sustainability of tourism businesses.
The SANMSRT is targeted at the following:
• Sustainable Tourism certification programmes;
• Tourism businesses preparing for certification or simply evaluating their performance in respect ofsustainability;
• Local tourism organizations and industry associations seeking to create awareness amongst their members about responsible tourism, and as a benchmark for their members to work towards;
• Investors and development finance institutions, when planning hotels, resorts and other projects; and
• The public sector, when designing policies and policy instruments.
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