Sovereign Art Fdtn

Sovereign Art Fdtn

6 February, 2013
Therapy through art
The 2012-13 Sovereign Asian Art Prize is open for voting

Established in 2003, the Sovereign Art Foundation is a registered charity in Hong Kong and the UK that raises money to help disadvantaged children using the arts as rehabilitation, education and therapy. The Foundation organizes the annual Sovereign Art Prizes in Asia, Africa and Europe, which recognizes influential artists of our time and invites entries from established artists carefully chosen by their board of experts.

The 2012-13 Sovereign Asian Art Prize is now open for public voting! The top 30 entries are now being exhibited in The Rotunda, Exchange Square. You can vote on your favorite piece at the exhibit or online via the Foundation website. The piece that receives the most awards will win US$25,000.

After the exhibition, all of the artwork (with the exception of the winning entry) will be sold by auction at the gala dinner on 21 February. Proceeds from the auction will be divided between the artist and the Foundation, with the artist receiving the same amount as they would through a gallery.

The Sovereign Asia Art Prize will allow the artists to gain more prominence in the global art sphere, as well as benefit children in need. Cast your vote for your favorite piece today!

Finalist Exhibition: 1-8 February 2013
The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong Kong

Gala Dinner and Charities Auction: 21 February 2013
The Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
For tickets, please visit: Sovereign Art Foundation

To vote for your favorite artwork, please visit:

By: Ecozine Staff


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