Spa charity

Spa charity

19 January, 2012
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How spas can contribute to local communities

Ever notice the increasing number of spas that are helping in one way or another to do more for the needy? The idea of nurture is an innate part of the spa industry, since customers often look to spas as places for relaxation and comfort. Owners of spas have been looking at the heart and soul of the industry to think about how spa therapists can help others. Here are a few examples that we’ve recently come across…
The Retreat in Hong Kong has generously donated prizes to events related to the environment, natural disasters and more. Also in Hong Kong, Sense of Touch has partnered with Plan Hong Kong, an international children’s development organization, to sponsor 100 Nepalese children to improve their quality of life. The Altira Spa Macau has hosted hydrotherapy sessions from Caritas Centro de Penha, which is an orphanage for abandoned kids with mental and physical disabilities. Spa Care is an organization in the U.S. which organizes and manages industry-wide participation in community and charitable activities. Activities have included helping those who have been traumatized by war, family abuse, and natural disasters as well as providing resources such as beds to homeless shelters. Participants have found such experiences to be nurturing, and they feel much more confident and ready to get back on their feet again while spa therapists enjoy the rewarding feeling they get by being able to help heal those who have been scared and scarred by past experiences. Other activities spas have participated in include sponsorship for numerous charity events as well as education on skin related illnesses such as melanoma. Whatever cause it may be, spa owners and those working in the spa industry can help to heal and educate communities through their focus on wellness and knowledge about healing the body and mind.

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