Table for 2

Table for 2

31 May, 2012
Meal sharing
Non-profit partners with restaurants to target malnutrition

Did you know that 1 billion of the 7 billion inhabitants on earth is suffering from malnutrition?  Ironically, there is about the same proportion of people who face obesity, diabetes and other problems related to overnutrition.  To combat the problems of malnutrition and overnutrition, nonprofit Table for 2 aims to create solutions for both ends of the nutrition problem through a simple healthy meal.
The organization provides school meal programs for children in need in China and Africa.  Not only are these meals about nutrition, but they are also about the eradication of poverty as well as providing education as they serve as an excellent incentive for parents to send their children to school and to stimulate local economies by providing jobs for locals to create the school meals.
Locally in Hong Kong, restaurant partners include Suzuki Cafe, Homegrown Foods, Cafe O, Pure Restaurant & Bar, Itame sushi chains and a number of other eateries are supporting the organization.  By purchasing a Table for 2 (TFT) labelled meal at participating restaurants, HKD 2 goes to Table for 2 to support its school meal programs.  The great thing is that these TFT meals are especially healthy.  Table for 2 also operates in the United States and Japan.
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