Taipa Village Art Space

Taipa Village Art Space

16 May, 2017
“Simple Things” Sketchbook Drawings
Fan Sai Hong’s First Solo Exhibition in Macau

Taipa Village Art Space Presents Fan Sai Hong’s First Solo Exhibition in Macau: “Simple Things” Sketchbook drawings of a 15-year personal journey of discover.

Taipa Village Art Space announced its fourth exhibition, with the debut of Macau-born sketch artist Fan Sai Hong’s first solo exhibition, “Simple Things”. This private collection of Hong’s sketchbook drawings document his personal journey of discovery through life in a freewheeling style, using a range of media, formats and artistic expressions.

This exhibition also marks the launch of Hong’s comic book series, “No Name”, featuring 40 drawings that tell the story of a young boy who enters into a lonely journey through the wilderness as a way to make the spiritual transition to manhood. The storyboard reveals Hong’s belief in the ideal relationship between human and nature, in which the simple things in life prevail and are manifested in their purest state.

“This selection brings together a wide range of drawing styles, reflecting Hong’s mood at each specific period in time through his different stages of life encounters, such as when he was involved in different lines of work, learning different skills, travelling in foreign landscapes and testing himself in other forms of art,” says Joao O, President of the Executive Board, Taipa Village Cultural Association. “The aim of this exhibition is to convey the idea of the simplicity of his drawings, which are created spontaneously and in an unprompted manner. As a result, these sketchbook drawings collectively reflect a direct outcome of his state of mind at the time of a circumstantial event in his life, which evolves and changes organically as he grows older.”

The exhibition highlights not only the intellectual and artistic evolution of a Macau-born artist, but is also a further sign of the rapid flourishing of Taipa Village in Macau’s cultural and creative industries, and its central role in nurturing and raising the profile of new local talents.

As the fourth exhibition at Taipa Village Art Space, “Simple Things” marks another step in the transformation of Taipa Village into a lively centre for artistic and cultural endeavour that sustains Macau’s colourful history and unique heritage, and contributes to the development of non-gaming tourism in the territory.

Exhibition period : 26th April – 30th June 2017
Opening hours : 12 noon to 8:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Venue : Taipa Village Art Space, 10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau
Artist : Fan Sai Hong
Media : Sketchbook drawings
Admission : Free

About Taipa Village Cultural Association

Taipa Village Cultural Association was established in 2016, as a non-profit association comprised of representatives from both the local community and broader Macau. The association aims to highlight the uniqueness of Taipa Village’s heritage by raising awareness of its attractions and cementing its position as a distinctive community that benefits all of Macau.

Numerous initiatives are planned to preserve, enrich and cement the village’s position as a tourism and cultural destination, including a diverse range of artistic and cultural attractions that will allow visitors and future generations to enjoy a unique experience of the authentic Macau.

By: Ecozine Staff


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