The Bio Bus

The Bio Bus

21 November, 2016
Green School Bali
The First Biodiesel Station in Indonesia

Can a school bus run completely on used cooking oil? The Green School in Bali has made it happen with the Bio Bus!

Through the Bio Bus initiative and its partnership with Lengis Hijau, the Green School and local Balinese students collect used cooking oil from restaurants all over Bali. The used cooking oil is not only the feedstock for biodiesel, but also is used to make soap with the biofuel's glycerine byproduct.

In addition to creating a renewable energy source, the program also reduces the black market resale of used cooking oil that is proven to be hazardous to health. Green School has extended this project to the community by inviting the public to:

- Utilize the Biodiesel station

- Bring used cooking oil to the project

- Sign a petition to ban the black market resale of used cooking oil in Bali

In January of 2015, Green School's grade 12 students conceived the idea of a "Bio Bus" as part of their legacy service project. The idea was pitched as a biofueled "magic bus" that would help green the community's transportation service and that could, later on, expand to serve other parts of the island as well. Over the course of six months, senior students worked to figure out how to develop the bus. With the help of their math teacher, Kyle King, they successfully problem-solved their way into the launch of the Bio Bus pilot program in June 2015.

The program has since been passed on to a team of students that have further developed it into a social enterprise. Currently, the Bio Bus operates 3 buses that give thousands of rides each month and helps spread awareness on the health and environmental issues of reused cooking oil in Indonesia.

About Green School Bali

Green School is an international school in Bali, Indonesia offering one of the most beautiful campuses imaginable, with extraordinary bamboo structures rising out of the jungle, surrounded by lush organic gardens and bisected by the majestic Ayung River.

Green School was awarded the title of "2012 Greenest School on Earth" by the Center for Green Schools at the United States Green Building Council. This "destination school" currently hosts 380 students from more than 31 countries, including 30 Indonesian scholarship students that seek a unique, nature-based, student-centered education.



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