The End of the Line

The End of the Line

16 July, 2012
Great film, but too late?
There aren't plenty of fish in the sea. And soon there may not be any.

Robert Murray’s 2009 documentary, The End of the Line, provides a striking insight into the global fishing industry and how it has evolved over the past fifty years. The issue is this: By enabling us to consume the ocean’s resources faster than they can replenish, modern technology has left us at a point where the fish in the sea just don’t stand a chance. As a result, we are careening toward a world without fish by the middle of this century.
The film describes how we have already witnessed the almost complete disappearance of cod in Canada and the global decline of Bluefin tuna. Now, species that were once preyed upon are increasing in numbers and marine ecosystems are being thrown completely out of balance with very little chance of recovery. The End of the Line tells a captivating and informative story, and treats audiences to stunning cinematography and intense theatrical music. However, is it enough to truly shift attitudes and eating habits? If not, our fate – and that of the seas – may well be sealed.
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By: Ecozine Staff


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