The Last Straw

The Last Straw

8 June, 2016
Combatting Plastic
A lighthearted new initiative with a serious aim: to help businesses and individuals reduce waste

Appropriately timed to launch on World Oceans Day, a new initiative "’ was unveiled on June 8th across Hong Kong and the region to help combat the ever growing issue of plastic pollution.
The is a project launched by the Stokes Brothers - AKA Gary Stokes, a well-known local environmentalist and Asia Director for the direct action organisation Sea Shepherd, and his brother Andy Stokes, who brings his considerable creative expertise to the enterprise.
The aim is to address the issues of single use plastic head on, by providing actual solutions rather than just suggestions. “The time for talk is long past. We need action, and we need it now!” says Gary Stokes.
The will provide the physical alternatives needed to combat the single use plastic problem. The first item in the crosshairs will be – no surprise – the humble drinking straw.
The brothers realised that, often, the main problem is that people generally agree that disposable plastic is bad, but when no alternatives are provided that is usually where the conversation ends. The Stokes Brothers aim to address this problem.
"We have come up with a realistic and responsible alternative that is both eco-friendly and fun," explain the brothers. "Over the next 6 months, we hope to see our funky green paper straws appearing in venues across Hong Kong." After that, the  Last Straw will offer custom colours and designs for clients if they wish, or they can continue with the iconic green straw that screams, “I am GREEN!”.
Restaurants and bars are not the only target; The aims to work with hotels, private clubs, coffee shops, schools – and their Holy Grail is to convince McDonalds to change to paper straws. It is estimated that McDonalds uses around 60 million straws DAILY, worldwide. Stokes adds, "We can be quite persistent, so stay tuned!"
Anyone who has ever been involved with a beach cleanup will have seen just how many straws make up the overwhelming amount of plastic trash in our oceans. This new project echoes a common refrain in the environmental section: we can keep cleaning up, or we can go to the source and create solutions there.
“Our approach and objective is very serious, as what we face has a devastating outlook on humanity if we do not change our ways, but that doesn't mean we can’t have some fun with the war against plastic!”

By: Ecozine Staff


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