The Seven Sees

The Seven Sees

18 November, 2015
Ocean Documentaries
Seven Ocean-themed Films Worth Watching

Hey you, don’t feel blue! Take inspiration from these ocean documentaries about amazing individuals and organisations, and their efforts to save our seas. From overfishing and pollution, to captive cetaceans and deep water drilling – these films explore the complex relationship between man and the marine.
Black Ice (2015)
Black Ice follows a Greenpeace mission to halt environmentally catastrophic drilling in the Arctic Ocean. It documents the harsh conditions of the mission, and how the ‘Arctic 30’ team were eventually arrested, detained and tried for piracy. Ultimately, it demonstrates how the human spirit is tougher than arctic conditions, prison walls, and corporations, concluding that: “Giving up is not an option. Turning the arctic into a gas farm is not an option.”
Blackfish (2013)
If you haven’t heard of Blackfish, you’ve been living in a black hole! This powerful and game-changing documentary has brought mega conglomerate SeaWorld to its knees since its release, which opened the world’s eyes to the cruelty of cetacean captivity. It focuses on the tale of Tilikum, a performing killer whale who attacked his trainer in 2010.
Mission Blue (2014)
For over six decades, visionary ocean icon Sylvia Earle has studied our seas and its living organisms, and seen with her own eyes how climate change is taking its toll. Mission Blue follows her most important operation to date – a move that could resuscitate what Dr. Earle calls our “dying ocean”. Beautifully shot, this film takes underwater exploration to new depths – and brings you along!
North of the Sun (2012)
Follow young Norwegian explorers Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) as they spend an entire Nordic winter – nine long months – in an isolated, uninhabited bay in the Arctic Circle. The vast Atlantic Ocean becomes their most valuable resource, providing everything from the driftwood for shelter, to the waves they surf as their main entertainment.
Pirate Fishing (2012)
Discover the industrial scale of modern day fishing pirate fishing, which puts extra strain on our already-besieged oceans. Scouring the oceans around impoverished nations, the multi-million dollar trade is devastating the environment and also depriving those most in need of valuable marine resources. This film is an eye-opener.
Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2013)
Travel to Midway Atoll, which is effectively a floating trash dump. Here, a colossal accumulation of marine debris is forming a literal (and man-made) stain on our planet. In one of the most powerful visual testaments to the effects of our throwaway culture, Plastic Paradise blows denial of right out of the water by interviewing scientists, industry leaders, legislators and activists.
Revolution (2015)
This eye-opening adventure takes the viewer from the evolution of life on earth to the revolution underway to save it. Revolution was filmed over four years in more than 15 countries, by acclaimed Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart. Not only is it an exquisite showcase of our world’s spectacular wildlife, but it also exposes the ugly truths about Canada’s oil sands, which are a real and impending threat to human survival.

By: Ecozine Staff


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