Toxin-Free Oasis

Toxin-Free Oasis

28 July, 2015
Organic Spa
Everything from nail polish to hair dye to cleaning products (!) is natural at Iyara Day Spa

“Hong Kong people are already very informed about how important it is [for your health] to eat organic,” says Sarah Siriporn, co-founder of Iyara Day Spas. “But we want to teach people that it’s just as important to use organic products on your skin and hair! After all, that goes into your body as well.”
Hence the debut (just under a year ago) of the organic-only, chemical-free Iyara Day Spa on the 2nd floor, 27 Hollywood Road, Central. Think of it as a holistic, calm retreat in the heart of urban Hong Kong – an oasis of reprieve from all the noise and air pollution.
What sets this outlet apart from the well established (and very well loved) Iyara Day Spas around town is its zero tolerance policy to toxins. Everything from the cleaning materials and hair masks to the nail polish and hair dyes are safe, natural, and organic. Choice organic brand products are displayed and available for sale here, but most ingredients for the treatments at this spa are simply stored fresh in a fridge at the back.
As soon as you enter, a warm, comfortable and natural vibe envelops you. The décor features a welcoming combination of wood furnishings, plush pillows in earthy hues, and vibrant green plants. The sweetly spicy scent of tea tree oil permeates the air, as one of the Thai staff offers (and perpetually refills) a glass cup of lemongrass tea for you.
Everything from massages and manicures to waxing and facials is available here, but the real star of the show is the hair retreat and scalp detox offerings. Different recipes are designed to target specific hair ailments, including dryness, thinning, and greying. All hair treatments come with a consultation, to determine the specific needs and stresses your hair is exposed to, and what ingredient would work best.
The Nourishing Scalp Mask with fresh avocado, honey and apricot oil (HK$1,000) was determined most suitable for my distressed tresses and was, I must say, applied with expert care. First the Marma Samunprai Organic Oil was applied to the scalp – a refreshingly cool and stimulating sensation. This is then properly rubbed in with a divine head massage. The length of your hair is then coated with the avocado mixture (which looks good enough to eat!), wrapped up, and left to work its magic for a minimum half hour. During this time the guest can enjoy a complimentary shoulder and neck massage – just what the doctor ordered – and simply relax in the comfort of the spa, feeling suitably smug and watching Hong Kong’s busy masses rush past the window.
This window of time is also the perfect opportunity to take pampering to the next level with an organic mani/pedi (HK$550)! Though the nail polish takes somewhat longer to dry than conventional polish, it’s totally worth it, as results last for weeks. Or why not opt for a heavenly Foot & Leg Massage (HK$380 for 45 mins, HK$500 for 1 hour).
For more information, visit or call 2523 8700

By: Ecozine Staff


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