31 October, 2016
The Naturally Calming Drink
A Chat With Ahmed Elafifi

We had the chance to talk with Tranquini founder Ahmed Elafifi about the future and what makes Tranquini so different and delicious!

Q - How did you come up with the idea of Tranquini?

I personally found myself re-evaluating my priorities and seeking a change away from the hustle and bustle of a high-powered corporate job. In the midst of a successful career at many multi-national beverage corporations I started to really question my professional and personal goals.

So I left my corporate job and the idea of Tranquini, positive relaxation drink came to my mind while taking some time out and visiting the Austrian Alps to rest, reflect and consider my future. It was here, amongst the tranquillity and serenity of these beautiful mountains that I realized positivity and being in control of your own destiny is incredibly precious.

I want my company to reflect this and to help inspire the world to relax, be positive and for good to happen in their lives during a day, every day. We have accomplished this by producing a product that brings more calm into peoples’ lives without causing drowsiness or their impacting productivity. This is especially important given the fact people in all manners of jobs and professions are working longer than 40 hours a week. They need a product that will help them focus and free their mind from unnecessary and distracting burdens, thereby ensuring the most effective and productive outcome - for example attaining mental relaxation during a daily commute, before giving a speech or quickly promoting physical relaxation after going to the gym to ensure quick recovery.

I strongly believe that life is beautiful and eventually everything will happen for own good. Tranquini is helping me achieve this…with actively relaxed state and positive mind-set people around the world will just get more from their lives.

Q - Why is Tranquini so great, what makes it different from the rest?

The relaxation drinks category is a new and growing segment of the functional beverage market and contributing to the “New Age beverages” which are healthy alternative to the soft drinks. It is expected that relaxation drinks category size will exceed 1 billion euro by 2020.

The naturally occurring ingredients are blended into a range of lightly carbonated drinks with unique tastes that can be enjoyed any time by people of all ages. Tranquini contains natural flavors, is preservative-free, does not contain artificial colorants, and has about 30% fewer calories compared to most natural juices or regular sugar-based soft-drinks.

Q – Alcoholic drinks are strong in worldwide. Can you describe the consumer target of Tranquini?

Tranquini is a premium relaxation beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone and is more affordable than other relaxation methods like consuming alcoholic beverages or going on relaxing vacations, for example.

A relaxation beverage that can be enjoyed at any time, Tranquini is particularly effective when you need to be actively relaxed and feeling positive. From business leaders to artists, busy parents to chilled out yogis, Tranquini helps everyone to calmly and confidently move forward with everyday challenges in a positive and inspired way.

Q - Do you think the time of drinks like Coca-Cola, sodas or Red Bull is coming to an end?

As consumers become more conscious about the significant role that food plays in keeping them healthy, they are increasingly in search of products that support physical and mental wellbeing. Functional food products are becoming popular among consumers for this reason. The beverage industry, particularly newer entrants, has been quick to capitalise upon this trend, by creating health-promoting functional beverages such as probiotic drinks, those containing added calcium or other value added benefits.

A few big players have traditionally dominated the global beverage landscape. Where beverages initially developed from a need for hydration, today there is a tremendous range of hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages designed to appeal to the needs of increasingly picky consumers. While these large players might have a wide range of products in their portfolio, they are not at the forefront of the industry when it comes to innovating new products.

This means it is the smaller players who are driving change in the industry. Where projections for the soft-drinks industry are expected to contract, the functional drinks space is forecasted for continued growth. Within this space, relaxation beverages are expected to be key. Relaxation drinks appeal to today’s discerning consumer and Tranquini has been at the forefront of this industry.

Q - Many people drink tea, coffee, Coke or Red Bull just to get the opposite effect of Tranquini.

Consumers choice of beverage is driven by their need state and consumption occasions. There are times of early morning or sleepless nights for the energy, while there are other occasions for refreshment and Tranquini, as relaxation drink, is created for specific occasions that are not taken by other ready-to-drink beverages.

A relaxation beverage that can be enjoyed at any time, Tranquini is particularly effective when one feels stressed, experiencing increased anxiety and aspiring to be actively relaxed and feeling positive. It is is specifically recommended to balance out those little stresses that come our way daily; to enhance moments when you are already engaging in relaxation-inducing activities; and to provide mental relaxation before an important performance such as speaking in front of a large audience or before a key business meeting; to increase physical relaxation after periods of high intensity and adrenaline, such as after work, a night out or adrenaline sports.

Q - What are your plans in terms of international expansion? (Both geographic areas and timing)

Tranquini has grown at an exponential pace since launching in April 2015. The beverage is already available in 32 markets across 3 continents and is set to expand to 50 markets by early 2017. Future global expansion will include countries like Canada, Russia, China, Italy.

Beyond its global footprint, Tranquini has also rapidly expanded its product portfolio with five variants currently on offer.

Q - In what countries are you stronger so far? Is the market of relax drinks properly developed in any country?

Tranquini, relaxation drink, is a relevant proposition for all countries around the world. There are same consumer tendencies and perceptions, which contributes to the development of relaxation beverage market. In an era where mindfulness is increasingly important to consumers, relaxation beverages would offer the necessary relaxation and a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

The relaxation beverage market is still in its nascent stages, and it is exciting for Tranquini to be at the forefront of this evolution.

The responses from customers and consumers so far has been thrilling, beyond expectations and that is another reason why Tranquini has been successful in reaching out to 32 countries in a span of one year. Once consumers are aware of Tranquini, its philosophy and benefits, they show great interest in the product. This is evident by their repetitive consumption and recommendation to their friends through word of mouth or social media.

By: Ecozine Staff


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