Use less, waste less

Use less, waste less

21 May, 2013
10-year plan for HK
Hong Kong: Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022

The Hong Kong government has laid out an ambitious plan to reduce the amount of municipal solid waste by 40% in the next 10 years in “Hong Kong: Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022.” The blueprint studies the challenges and opportunities of waste meeting in Hong Kong, mapping out a detailed strategy, targets, policies and action plans for waste management. As landfill resources begin to reach full capacity, this blueprint may be the answer to helping us conserve resources and develop an efficient land-use plan to tackle the waste crisis in Hong Kong.
At a press conference announcing the blueprint for sustainable use of resources, Secretary for the Environment Mr. Wong Kam-sing said, “To face the challenges of the waste issue fundamentally, we need the joint efforts of the entire community to embrace an environmentally sustainable culture in daily life, and to use less and waste less of the Earth’s resources.”
In order to achieve this goal, there are three areas to be targeted:

  1. Policy development and legislation, including the introduction of a waste charging scheme to encourage people to reduce and recycle;
  2. Social mobilization through food waste reduction and recycling campaigns, as well as injecting more money into the ECF to support community projects; and
  3. Investing in infrastructure, such as the development of Hong Kong’s first organic waste treatment facilities and improving recycling infrastructure.

In 2011, Hong Kong’s waste management structure relied heavily on landfills, accounting for 52 percent, while the remaining 48 percent was in recycling. By 2022, the government hopes that recycling, incineration and landfill disposal in Hong Kong will account for 55 percent, 23 percent and 22 percent respectively – this would more closely align with current waste management structures in other major Asian cities.
Mr. Wong concluded, “The blueprint tackles waste problems from a resource re-circulation perspective. As part of waste reduction, we encourage the public to reuse and recycle. Unavoidable waste will be turned into energy by modern technology while disposal at landfills will be the last resort. Under this framework, waste management in Hong Kong will have a more balanced structure."
The “Hong Kong: Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022” is available at the Environment Bureau website and the Environmental Protection Department.

By: Ecozine Staff


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