VeggieSF, Central

VeggieSF, Central

28 June, 2011
Lighthearted vegetarian diner
Organic eatery in gets a thumbs-up despite small servings

Be transported to 1950s San Francisco and enjoy a creative modern vegetarian meal at VeggieSF in Central. With 50s jazz music and antiques sourced from San Francisco, the restaurant’s atmosphere is fun and lighthearted. The laid-back ambiance is enhanced with posters, games, signs, suitcases and cameras from America’s 50’s, making this vegetarian eatery stand out from the crowd on the busy Stanley Street.

VeggieSF is committed to using organic ingredients for their food, such as organic rice, pasta and seasoning. There are only 6 entrée options on the set menu, which come with a soup and house drink, prices ranging from $68-88. The entrée options change with the availability of fresh local ingredients and seasonal considerations and can include a range of brown rice and pasta dishes, mains and salads. The house drinks can be chosen from a list of organic teas, coffee or soda. For less hungry people or to supplement a set meal, small snack portions of potato wedges, curry veggie balls and more are available a la carte.

Thinking that the “I Am Fabulous” option (a veggie cheese burger with oven baked beetroot accompanied by potato wedges and salad) looked delicious, I proptly ordered it, but I must have not been the only one - it was sold out. So instead, I picked the “Union Square”, which is lasagna with cheese, eggplant, zucchini and veggie protein. This comes with a pumpkin soup and a drink – I opted for the Yogi pomegranate green tea.

The pumpkin soup was thick, filled with vegetables, and definitely had a hearty homemade feel to it! I really enjoyed it. When the entrée came, it smelled delicious, but I have to admit, I was expecting the entrée portion to be a little bigger. It dodn’t disappoint in the flavour department though; the light-tasting lasagna was soft and filled with fresh tomato sauce and veggies, and topped with just the right amount of baked cheese.

For dessert, I tried the popular pomelo ice cream ($28), which was very refreshing and a great choice for a hot summer day. Accented with pomelo grinds and sprinkled with juicy fresh pomelo bits, the ice cream is not too sweet and makes a lovely ending to a meal. Overall, the food was quite lightly flavoured, slightly small portions but fresh and well presented. I would go back.

By: Karry Lai


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