2 June, 2017
LED Vegetable Garden
Growing a New Health Trend

Being fit means more than having a slim figure. That’s why Waterfall Sports & Wellness introduced the light-emitting diode (LED) Vegetable Garden to bring you nutrient-rich and pollution-free vegetables.

The latest eco-technology from Japan chooses the best light wavelength out of 160,000 combinations, which empowers vegetables to grow with a greater amount of functional elements than plants grown in sunlight. The Keystone Technology LED Garden in Waterfall Sports & Wellness Island East Clubhouse is Hong Kong’s first! This precisely controlled indoor cultivation environment makes vegetables ready for harvest within 1 month of planting.

What is LED Garden?
Red, blue and green LED lights can be adjusted to suit different growth stages of plants. A temperature and humidity regulated environment allows vegetables to grow faster than outdoor. Meanwhile, soil-free cultivation endows the vegetables with abundant nutrients.

Why is the LED Garden better?

- Nutrient-Rich: Combination of ideal LED light wavelength and use of nutrient fluid provides vegetables with rich and balanced nutritional goodness;
- Natural & Tasty: Leaves grow bigger and taste better;
- Safe: No pesticide, no preservatives and no soil pollution;
- Eco-friendly, Reduces Waste: Water is recycled. Indoor cultivation avoids pest-induced wastage;
- Low Food Miles: No need for transportation from farm to wholesalers, retailers and finally to consumers. Reduce food miles and carbon footprint;
- Eat Local: Support local agriculture and reduce CO2 emission by importing less.

More varieties coming soon
Fresh and crispy Japanese lettuce was introduced first, with kale, arugula and other tasty greens to follow. Each 200g pack of LED Garden vegetables is priced at HK$30, and Waterfall Sports & Wellness members can enjoy a discounted price of just HK$24. Furthermore, salads served in Easy Kitchen will feature LED Garden vegetables soon.

By: Ecozine Staff


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