Winter Fun

Winter Fun

3 February, 2016
AIA Great European Carnival
The carnival with heart is offering free entry through February 21st

Family fun at the carnival… right in the heart of hectic Hong Kong's finanical districr? Sounds too good to be true, but for the second year in a row, the AIA Great European Carnival is offering exactly that. On since December at Central Harbourfront, it features loads of rop-notch rides imported from all over Europe; an outdoor ice skating rink; an array of street and live entertainment and music; seasonal markets with a variety of food and beverage; and, of course, loads of skill-challenging games to play and prizes to win.
This year’s Carnival will finish on the 21st of February, and organisers made a surprise announcement on February 1 that entry will be free for the remainder of the month. Rides and games will still require visitors to purchase tokens, but there’s no charge to visit the carnival and soak up the atmosphere and free performances.
What's on now? Well... the Carnival has a fun line up of entertainment for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and beyond:
First Day of Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day, 8th February
Chinese New Year Parade featuring the Monkey Mascot, The God of Money of Wealth and The Phantastique Brothers at 2pm; Lion Dance at 5pm. at the Carnival main gate. The two lions will then proceed to the stage for an acrobatic show on pillars. Be ready to receive some lucky festive toys from the lions!
Second Day of Chinese Lunar New Year, 9th February
Kung Hei Fat Choy Dance Shows and the annual Lunar New Year Fireworks at the Carnival! The festive dance will be on once again at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.  A group of 15-20 talented dancers will also perform a lion dance on stage at 5pm.
Third Day of Chinese Lunar New Year, 10th February
A series of family fun entertainment will take place throughout the day including kids entertainers, puppet show and a Kung Hei Fat Choi dance show.
Fourth and Fifth Days of Chinese Lunar New Year, 11th &12th February
To round out the week, the Carnival will host a unique "Lion Dance LED Hip Hop Show" at 7pm!
Phantastique Bros Puppet Show
(8th – 14th Feb: 2:15pm, 3pm and 4:15pm; 15th – 21st Feb: 2pm, 3:30pm and 4:45pm)
Based on traditional Punch n’ Judy Puppet shows, the carnival’s own Brothers Phantastique – Phileas, Phibeas and Phineas - interact with children and parents with a variety of active games in front of the Stage.
Children Entertainers
(8th – 14th Feb: 2:30pm and 4:45pm; 16th- 19th, 20th & 21st: 4pm)
Throughout the day there are a variety of impromptu appearances and performances by seasoned children entertainers, including:
-          Phileas Phantastique interaction, magic and fun with one of our Brothers
-          ‘Big Ben - The Funny Man’: an interactive comedy
-          ‘Uncle Mike’: Traditional story-based magic show
Phantastique Fridays
(12th Feb, 8:20pm; 19th Feb, 7pm)
In this interactive stage show, the  audience is invited to come onto the stage to compete with each of the Brothers in games like:
-          Wrap a Bro – First team to wrap a brother completely like a present wins
-          Hoopla a Bro – first team to throw hoops around their bro wins
-          Be a Bro – Teams need to dress one of their team members in a bro’s outfit
-          Tug of Bro – tug of war between two teams including one of the brothers

A carnival with heart
Known to many as an insurance provider and financial planning firm, some may be unaware of the role AIA plays in giving back to their community. The Carnival itself performs an extension of that role; in additionl to providing outdoor fun for Hong Kong families and visitors, they have a team in place taking full-time charge of a series of educational and charitable activities.

For teachers and schools wanting to provide their students with real-world, hands-on applications of math, physics, or business studies, an Education Tour is available. This tour is customised around each area of study and tailored to suit the age of the students, centred on the attractions and activities of the Carnival. For example, physics students can receive a guided-tour from the Chief Engineer to get an in-depth understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of the rides.

Alongside AIA’s more well-known charity partners—Operation Santa Claus, CancerFund and Project WeCan—they also seek out suitable charities and extend invitations for them to attend The Great European Carnival’s Charity Tour. Nonprofits are also welcomed to use the onsite stage space for various activities.

Enhancing both the Educational and Charitable Tours is an Experience option, where participants get behind-the-scenes access to the Carnival, specifically meeting with some of the entertainers. Visitors joining the Experience can learn juggling, clowning, drumming, or take an informative tour through the grounds and the various attractions.

“From elderly care societies, to those with developmental disabilities, we welcome all comers with open arms and will do whatever we can to accommodate our charity guests, especially those with special needs or from more difficult circumstances. Everyone at the carnival shares the same goal of putting smiles on faces, regardless of their disabilities, socio-economic background or people’s current set of circumstances,” Matt Gibbs, Community Manager of the Carnival, affirmed.

Visit the AIA Carnival website!
Check out the Carnival’s Chinese New Year greeting!

By: Ecozine Staff


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