17 September, 2015
Second Edition
Thailand's revolutionary international music festival is back, and bigger than ever!

This winter, Thailand will host the second edition of globally conscious and eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival, Wonderfruit. 
More than 30 artists will perform at the festival; confirmed international music acts include The Faint, The Submotion Orchestra, Jon Hopkins X Chris Levine, Howie B, Dapayk Solo, Desktop Error, Mahajamreon and Polycat.
But while music is at its heart, Wonderfruit offers much more.
Wonderfruit's motto is “Live, Love, Wonder”; the event creates a space for attendees to experience all this, envisioning a world that cultivates creativity and inspiring personal responsibility to the environment. The festival has been recognised as a pioneer on the Asia events scene, engineered with sustainable practices and forward-thinking mindsets.
Wonderfruit will take place in Pattaya, just 150 km southeast of Bangkok. A cross-cultural arts and music festival, it offers world-class international and local music, health and wellness experiences, natural adventures, home-grown farming, culinary feasts, yoga sessions, innovative technology, and creative arts. There's also the option of boutique camping under the starry sky during the 4-day event.
As a festival, Wonderfruit promotes personal responsibility and social awareness... for instance, through its ‘clean marketing’ initiatives, which include 'reverse graffiti" where filthy city walls are cleaned away using stencils to reveal whimsical Wonderfruit artwork.
It is also about bringing communities together in Thailand, to nurture collaborative, creative cultures and inspire celebration of the arts and the adventure of sustainable living.
The event is produced and hosted by Scratch First, a Thai-based social enterprise 'forging change through the arts as a means to engage and create communities of sustainable and socially responsible growth'.  Working with visionary designers, they are building the dream of an artistically vivid landscape that not only captivates guests but also adheres to sustainable principles, using natural and locally sourced materials to build permanent infrastructure. The festival’s focal point is the Pavilion, created by leading architect Duangrit Bunnag, which will be transformed this year into a botanical garden and oasis.
Wonderfruit 2015 will take place December 17-20th. Tickets start at US $160 (THB5,500) and boutique camping and hotel packages are also available. 
Begin planning your journey to Wonderfruit by visiting the website.

By: Rachelle Chau


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