Youth Activities

Youth Activities

12 August, 2016
International Youth Day
12 fun ideas for young people

It’s International Youth Day (IYD) on 12 August!

The day is a UN awareness day designated to the engagement and promotion of legal and cultural issues surrounding youth.

To celebrate, we’ve come up with 12 fun activities that you can do with your kids, nephews/ nieces or younger siblings!

1. Rock pools at Sai Kung
The glimmering turquoise rock pools and cascading waterfalls are a perfect spot to relax and cool down on a hot day. The rocks on the side allow you to have picnics with your kids too! The rock pools are a 40-minute walk from the Sai Wan Pavilion or accessible via a bus or cab from Sai Kung.

2. Cycling at Fanling
Check out the Fanling countryside, on a bike! There are designated cycling paths that run alongside a river. At the end, you can go for lunch in one of the shopping malls in Fanling. Bike rental shops are dotted around near the MTR station.

3. SummerFest@ Central Harbourfront
From 3 June to 21 August, there’s a pop-up park at the Central Harbourfront, with a wide variety of free public events, from a world-class outdoor sculpture exhibition, to family, art, leisure, entertainment, design and sports activities.

4. Space Museum
Unfortunately the main exhibits are closed until the end of this year, but the Space Theatre is still open and is running some amazing 3D shows. Take your kids to see a “Journey to Space 3D”, or “Robots”, or “Decoding Starlight”. It’s both super cool to watch and educational at the same time!

5. History Museum
Running between 8 June to 29 August, the HK History Museum is running a “Mare Nostrum” (Our Sea) exhibit about the Roman navy and Pompeii. Afterwards you can pop over to TST for lunch and then take the kids for a ride on the Star Ferry to see the harbour skyline view.

6. Organic Farms
Organic farms are sprinkled around Hong Kong. At most farms you can go visit different farm animals, pick some fruits and vegetables, and buy a couple of cute herb plants for you to bring home. Examples include, Kadoorie Farm, Mapopo Community Farm, HKFYG Organic Farm, Zen Organic Farm and more!

7. Ice Skating
What better way to escape from the heat than to go ice skating. There are ice rinks dotted around the place (Tai Koo, Elements, Festival Walk) so there are plenty of options for you. There are adorable little penguin stability-guides for children to hold onto until they get the hang of skating.

8. Trampoline Park
Trampolining is a great way to have fun and (for you adults) to work out! The two trampoline parks in Hong Kong have a range of different trampoline areas, including multiple mini trampoline playgrounds, a huge trampoline area, a trampoline basketball area and a dodge ball trampoline area. Check out Bounce in Kowloon Bay or Ryze in Quarry Bay.

9. Hong Kong Park
I spent many hours playing in Hong Kong Park as a child, and it still holds up as a great place to take kids. With its walk-through-fountains, huge ponds with different fish and terrapins, playgrounds with big slides, and an amazing aviary, it’s jam packed with different activities to entertain and delight children.

10. Ocean Park
Ocean Park has been a popular amusement park since it opened back in 1977. Since then it’s expanded to over 80 attractions and rides. This summer, there’s a special SpongeBob Summer Splash event going on, which includes special themed attractions and dining experiences.

11. Disneyland
The only other theme park in Hong Kong is Disneyland. At the moment, it has special Star Wars themed rides and events, which is fun for all the family. Bonus points if you manage to subtly sneak in a Star Wars quote whilst you’re there!

12. Hike and Beach combo
Hong Kong has an amazing range of hiking trails you can do. There are a variety of route-difficulties to pick, so there’s at least one that is suitable for you. My favourite walk is dragon’s back, whereby you can end at Big Way Bay for a refreshing swim. After which, I always go to the amazing Thai/Chinese restaurant at Shek O- their pineapple rice and pandan chicken is to die for!

By: Kyrah Mckenzie


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