Zero Waste Week is Back!

Zero Waste Week is Back!

2 November, 2016
Get Involved Nov 11-18
Ecozine's 2nd Annual Pledge Campaign and Global Summit are coming -- register now!

Following last year’s successes, we’re very pleased to announce the arrival of our second annual Zero Waste Week, taking place between the 11th and 18th of November. The initiative aims at bolstering the concept of ‘Zero Waste’ in Hong Kong, an ambitious but critical philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life-cycles so that all products are ultimately reused.

Across the globe individuals, businesses and even entire countries are already setting targets for a brighter and cleaner future without problems like overflowing landfills and plastic-filled oceans. One of the movement’s chief aims is to reduce the amount of disposable waste that we take for granted in our daily lives – waste that we can in fact very happily live without. But it also has the greater goal of fostering solutions for a world in which we would no longer even need landfills to put it – because we would no longer produce unusable waste.

Unforunately, as the organiser of the Hong Kong Cleanup, we know all too well that we are far from this goal in Hong Kong. We produce more trash per capita than any developed city in Asia... and an unfortunate amount of the waste produced locally ends up washed-up across our beautiful coastlines, afloat in the ocean, or littered throughout our natural environment.

July this year witnessed what many believe was an all-time high for coastal debris in Hong Kong; many media outlets covered the unprecedented amount of trash washing up on beaches, and pundits linked the issue to Wailingding (see photo), Mainland China’s now-infamous “island of trash” near Hong Kong’s shores.

Having worked on waste issues for 16 years, we are pleased to see global media attention turned to the sorry state of our seas and shores. However, rather than pointing fingers, Hongkongers urgently need to look at our own consumption, disposal and waste management problems. The vast majority of debris washing up on Hong Kong coastlines is produced locally.

Given that most marine refuse is composed of plastic and disposable goods, and an estimated 80 per cent never even washes onto shore, reduction of these products is critical. The good news is that, with a few simple lifestyle changes, anyone can have an immediate impact toward alleviating Hong Kong’s waste issue!

Zero Waste Week complements clean-up initiatives because it aims to solve the issue at the source, by exploring the entire life cycle, and not just end-of-life. Rather than merely treating our waste, why not reuse or recycle it – or avoid it completely, through better habits, product design, materials, and technology?

During the week, we explore how Hong Kong citizens, businesses, schools and government can adopt Zero Waste principles to reduce our overall impact. The week's topics align with the fundamental Zero Waste concept – a goal that is “practical, ethical, economical and visionary… choosing practices that emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others.”

Here’s an overview of some of the great stuff we have in store for you during Zero Waste Week, and how you can get involved:

Pledge Campaign | 11-18 November

Anyone can take the Zero Waste Week pledge! It’s fun to challenge yourself, and encourage your friends and family around you, to make a positive change. It can be as easy as simply giving up one disposable item you regularly use, for instance chopsticks, or as challenging as choosing to produce no waste at all the whole week!
We also encourage and applaud those who want to take a head start and start reducing their waste-footprint right away – or why not consider continuing your commitment once the week is successfully completed?
Click here to make your Pledge!

Zero Waste Global Summit | 11 November

Kicking off Zero Waste Week, the Summit will showcase inspiring ideas from a range of speakers, and offer the Hong Kong business community a better understanding of what Zero Waste means for companies and individuals, and how to embed it into broader sustainability goals. 
The conversation will be value-oriented; the aim is to empower Hong Kong companies and citizens with the type of circular-economy knowledge that is increasingly commonplace in other markets.

The Summit is for anyone with an interest in sustainability; marketing, CSR and ESG professionals; executives from all sectors including finance, property management, F&B, hospitality, and waste management; NGOs; and the general public.

Join international and local speakers including Ruth Abbe, President of Zero Waste USA; Dianna Cohen, Founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition; Richard Anthony, Chair of Zero Waste International Alliance; Bobsy, Founder of MANA! Fast Slow Food; and more.

For a detailed list of speakers, tickets, and more information, please click here
***The event is open to the public but places are limited, so be sure to book yours quickly!

The Ocean Conservancy Welcome Cocktail | 16 November

In addition to launching our Fall/Winter 2016 print edition at this cocktail, Ecozine will have the great honour of welcoming International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) coordinators from over 20 different countries to Hong Kong!
Joined by VIP Guests including Ms. Christine Loh (Under Secretary for the Environment) and Mr. Richard Anthony (Chair of Zero Waste Alliance), we will celebrate 30 years of work for cleaner oceans and shores, and kick-off a region-wide ICC meeting (see below).
The cocktail is by invitation only. For enquiries, please email:

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) 2016 Regional Meeting | 17-18 November

Organised jointly by the Hong Kong Cleanup and Ocean Conservancy, this series of targeted, topical meetings will offer ICC coordinators from around the globe, and especially Asia-Pacific, a chance to convene and celebrate the amazing efforts and impacts of the International Coastal Cleanup across the region over the past 30 years.
In hosting this event, the Hong Kong Cleanup aims to support a more collaborative, cohesive approach to marine debris reduction across APAC countries, and connect with other coordinators to share best practice and address unique regional challenges.
This is a closed event for invited ICC coordinators. For enquiries, please email:


We look forward to reducing, reusing and recycling alongside you all!
To stay up to date with the latest, have a look at the following links:
- Like our Facebook pages to follow the campaign: Ecozine | Hong Kong Cleanup
- Join the conversation on social media with hashtag #ZeroWasteWeek
- Become part of the community on the Zero Waste Hong Kong Facebook Group

By: Paul Grelon


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