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3 Reasons: Chia For Breakfast

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May 24, 2013

Chia (chia-seeds) is one of my personal favourite superfoods. Superfoods are powerhouses of clean nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and good fats. In fact, some superfoods contain the most easily absorbable forms of protein (amino acids) as well as being N0.1 in terms of levels of disease-fighting and anti-ageing antioxidants!
The Aztecs would carry chia-seeds in little pouches to nibble on when they needed energy to trek for days on end.  I too tried this on a recent 27k hike; I ate only chia porridge before I set-off (recipe here on my Facebook page, LIKE our page if you like this recipe), and I promise that chia was more than enough to sustain me until the end of the hike.
Chia usually comes in the form of white or black whole-seeds - nutritionally the same - but can also come in a ground form, which is great for raw-desserts and smoothies. Opt for organic, where possible, and make sure the seeds are dry.
Here are my top 3 reasons why I choose chia-seeds as a breakfast of choice.
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1 - Heart-loving-omega-3s – omega 3 is one type of omega oil which most of us lack. Our modern diet provides plenty of omega 6, but not so much the 3s. By eating just one serving of chia a day, you’re giving your omega 3-to-6 balances a helping hand. Omega 3  oil can help to reduce the risk of heart disease. When you eat this “good-fat" at breakfast, your body will use it as energy, as opposed to storing it as fat, giving you an even energy for hours.
2 - Muscle-building and skin-repairing protein – and not just any old form of protein, this is a very absorbable form in the shape of amino acids. In fact, chia contains all 8 essential amino acids and more, and the easily accessible protein will go straight to work in your body. By eating a protein-rich breakfast such as chia, you help to keep your blood-sugar levels stable so you are less likely to reach for the sweets and croissant come 11am.
3 - Gut-loving fibre - chia is really great for digestion. When you soak the seeds in water before you eat them, you will see that they swell in size and become quite “gloopy” in consistency. What then happens in your gut is that they will literally sweep your intestines, picking-up old debris and waste, escorting it out of your body. MAGIC!  I always travel with chia for this reason -  if I ever feel sluggish, with new environment and new food taking toll, chia sorts my gut out right away. Eating a fibre-rich breakfast will not only keep you full until lunch-time, but will also help to give your digestion a boost early on in the day, helping you to feel light and energetic.
I have not forgotten about the number of vitamins and minerals these amazing little seeds contain and give you, just I have so much to say that I thought I’d leave it at 3 reasons to eat chia, for today.
Please remember, they’re best soaked in water (I go with at least a ratio of 2:1, to water) before eating to aid digestion.
If you want to know more about how I (Mia, Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef) can support you on your journey to health contact me now here or at mia@graciouslygreen.com.♡
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