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Mia, Founder of, Graciously Green, draws on her health education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's (IIN) cutting-edge Health Coach training Programme, as well as her in-depth chef studies in raw and plant-based foods, to provide plant-based cooking, health coaching and education, both in person and online. She also studied toxins in-depth and now leads raw food cleanses and liver detoxes. Graciously Green is sponsored by Hong Kong’s organic vegetable delivery service, Eat FRESH (www.eatfresh.com.hk)

5 Ways To Really Rehydrate Your Body

Did you know that one of the top causes of illness and disease is actually dehydration.
April 14, 2013

Did you know that one of the top causes of illness and disease is actually dehydration. Think about it, on average over 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of up to 90% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Water is essential for our survival, we wouldn’t last longer than a few days without it, and it comes only second to oxygen in terms of essential nutrients we need to live.
Hydrating your body is more than just sipping a glass of water, because not all water sources are created equally. 
Here are my top 5 tips to really rehydrate.
1. Add salt to your water – distilled water, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, could be acid forming, as it does not contain alkalizing minerals. Our body will always fight to maintain a more alkaline environment when we are too acidic, extracting minerals like calcium from bones to help it to buffer the acidity - obviously not ideal for our bones! Adding a high mineral salt like Pink Himalayan Salt or sea salt to your distilled water will help to add the minerals back in and will actually help to hydrate your cells. Avoid processed salts and look out for “sticky” salt - anything flaky has been highly processed.
2. Filter your tap water to avoid drinking nasties like antibiotics – tap water contaminant risks can include things like chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, fluoride (which is a neurotoxin and also kills rats by the way), high levels of antibiotics, estrogen and remnants of feminine products like tampons. To start with, a simple carbon filter will do a good enough job to cleanse nasties out and make the water safe to drink.
3. Eat raw food every day – the best source of water is from plants. Plants naturally distill water and add minerals back in, saving you all the hard work. By eating your fruit and veggies raw, you ensure that the life-force and helpful enzymes are kept in tact giving you a double healthy bonus. Sign-up to our newsletter here for lots of delicious raw food recipes.
4. Coconuts are king – I have personally met people who have survived on coconuts for over 40 days, proving that these natural hydration-sources are truly amazing. Full of naturally hydrating electrolytes and high in potassium, coconut water typically has less sugar than average sugary sports drinks. By the way, your body loves coconuts during detoxing.
5. Do your best – we could go on and about ways to hydrate but at the end of the day, we can only do our best. I invite you to add just one of these tips to your day today, and maybe eventually all of them.
One last bonus tip before I go, it’s best not to leave plastic water bottles in the sun as the chemicals from the plastic bottle could leach into your water. I store my water (with a pinch of lemon and Himalayan Pink Salt) in a BPA-free bottle. Glass or metal water bottles are good alternatives to plastic.
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